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    In what areas do NF parents naturally tend to excel or do poorly?
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    Excel? The first thing to come to mind is our ability to love them and show them in any disposition, no matter the circumstance.

    Struggle? Perhaps, excessive anxiety or fussing over "how they're feeling" and allowing our emotional states to permeate their environment even when we don't want it to (i.e. a negative state).
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    i tend to exceed in comforting, teaching, encouraging and being easy going when it comes to my son. I want him to always know that i will do absolutely anything for him. I also avoid putting too much pressure on him to do things, or try things. I want him to be his own person and have his own goals and hobbies.

    I tend to do poorly at providing structure and discipline. I also lack patience with him sometimes, because i'm so self absorbed. It's hard for me to get my head out of the clouds sometimes. I spend 24 hours a day with him, but i still often feel like i'm not doing enough for him or paying enough attention to him. I've never really been good at focusing my full attention on someone other than myself and my own thoughts.
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