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    Quote Originally Posted by nightning View Post
    Just for fun, what do stuffed animals mean to you? Do you still keep them around?

    I still keep some of my old toys around... they bring back the fond memories of childhood. I used to give each one of them a name and a personality, almost like symbolic interactions.
    I have my stuffed animals.
    My one teddy bear - his name was Teddy -
    was my best friend for a while, and the only one I could trust.
    Some of them are special because of who gave it to me.
    But because of my "T" they didn't have a personality.

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    I have one stuffed animal that i've kept since the day i was born. It's a popples, if anyone has any idea what those are. I'm passing it down to my son, who will be born in a few weeks, so it will no longer be mine.
    it makes me sad almost. It's the only thing i've kept around my whole life.
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