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Thread: Are enfjs evil?

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    jovial despot IS kind of a goal for Fe, right? i know it's always been my dream. well-fed, with squibbles of duck fat dripping down the corners of the mouth and a goblet of well-paired wine in hand...? "look how happy we are, sitting here now, feasting every day!"

    i want to meet some enfjs, my aunt who is a counselor told me recently that my japanase grandmother was an enfj. explains sooooo much... and very strange for me bc she, as a result (tho i didn't know her well), was by far the most similar to me in my entire family. i totally share the chameleonesque change of colour on my face every time the chord progression marches on to a new chord.

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    This is rather odd:

    My mom was watching a Queen Latifah movie the other night, "Last Holiday". (It's not fine cinema or anything, but it's actually pretty sweet.) It *immediately* struck me that Timothy Hutton was playing an ENFJ (I would swear on a stack of Girl Scout cookies that he's really an ENFJ because all of his other characters are just so... well.. enfj-y...).

    His character was this power freak motivational speaker from Hell who's life was rotten and selfish. hahaha, and his girlfriend, I swear you guys, that red-haired girl that's in everything and who I can never remember her name... is she or is she NOT an INTP? The two of them all over each other in the elevator was kinda hot...

    *shakes head* Anyway! Just thought I'd share that random thought. It just suddenly became apparent to me what scary people ENFJs can be on a power trip... O.o
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    I know an ENFJ i'd like to see use her powers for evil more often. She knows how manipulate me in such a way that I know I'm being manipulated but she does it with such skill and style that I go along with it. It never ceases to impress me.

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