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    The one where he broke up with me, I didn't understand it, because things were going really well (turned out to be factors he couldn't really control). I was really upset and confused for a bit. I worried what I did wrong, but I got over it pretty quickly.

    The second one, I broke up with him. It was HORRIBLE. Probably because he was a great person. He just didn't call me on my bullshit, and something about it didn't work. I didn't feel like myself. I feel horrid about this time period, because looking back I feel like I picked fights to start the break up process. He'd apologize for almost no reason which would make me less happy with myself, ergo making me like the relationship less. Eventually I had to tell him that it wasn't working. I really tried to fix it, but I feel like I just dragged things out so i wouldn't have to face them head on .

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    I don't really get that hurt because I am a fatalist and I just believe that if it is the right person it would work out and so when things don't go right I just think , "What am I really losing?" Answer "Someone who isn't right for me!" plus I think on the whole it's a good idea to stay friends and so you just gain right
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    I have only had one breakup now, (im pretty young) but i cant say i took it very well. It was the result of a nf/nt death spiral, so the breakup was mutual, but being the perciever i am, i haven't really got over it. Its not that i actually want to be going out with the entp any more, its more that i cant get any closure. Im still friends with her which probably makes it worse, but i havent liked any one in ages, something that tells me im still stuck.

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    The feeling of abandonment is the worst. Being dumped sucks. It's immobilizing.

    I stay in relationships far longer than I should, so as for dumping people I can do it. It takes a lot of time to think about it, but I can. I just hang on trying to repair or fix it far, far too long.

    On the other hand, I have often times made myself miserable and dealt with it than ending it when I should as to not "hurt" the other person.

    Pretty stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    ENFP's are narcissists. Probably worse than ENTP.

    I could probably sit around for a day or two trying to decide this one. ENTPs are probably more of the compensatory narcissistic type though.
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