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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post

    Their uses are interesting and i love how youve allocated them to be absolutely beneficial in your life

    (warning, ramble inside)

    As for anger, you can use it productively for the energy it gives you - especially if it also accompanied an adrenaline spike. The best way to process those chemicals in your body at that point is to go do something physical. My brother got a boxing ball for his birthday because he had an anger management problem when he was younger. His nickname was Boiling Milk. The boxing ball allowed him to vent, while processing the adrenaline rushing through his veins. Some people just go for a run, or swim. Whatever gets you moving, and gives you the ability to express your frustrating/anger.
    I will read after I get my son to school, but I fix my problems which helps my emotions not festers and get stuck. Only if I don't change my life do I get stuck and things fester.
    Im out, its been fun
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    current emotional challenges: vague anxiety about the future thats not so grand but always in the back of my mind and hard to destroy
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    I hate dealing with my emotions but I guess I engage in "emotional challenges" by staying loyal to friends who most people would have walked away from. I just felt a such a intense connection with some people that I waded through their worst for a couple of years and now they are some of the best friends a person could ask for to have by your side. That strong connection was the tiny thread of hope all along.
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