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    When I am extremely, highly stressed I can react really strangly. For example if I run my hand along something the feeling is extremely hightened. This has only happened a few times in my life but it was so weird.

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    I kinda wonder about this - "living in the moment"

    I can get lost in the moment and lose all self-consciousness, but I don't know if it's really me getting lost in Se or actually the "opposite" - which is getting overwhelmed by Ne, feeding the stimulus into my running Fi loop, and creating my *own* experience.

    I think "zoning out" and "zoning in" can seem the same to people but it's very, very different. When you "zone out" you allow yourself to take in sensations just enough to lose yourself to your own internal movie or lightshow. When you "zone in", which I think of more as true Se based experiencing - you truly see everything around you in rich detail.

    There are many hedonistic things that I enjoy and I consciously try to make myself notice and experience them in detail - however, I like being overwhelmed too much. I like to open the floodgates and let everything in a muddled rush where all sights/sounds/smell run together (Ne)

    Se I think is more controlled or aware experiencing...if that makes sense.

    So I think when I "lose myself in the moment" it's more Ne and Fi than Se. I know it's never fully 100% and cognitive functions are merely abstractions, but you get the picture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by happy puppy View Post
    Hi fellow ENFPs,

    How often to do you resort to losing yourself in the moment, dissolving yourself in physical sensation? In other words turning to Se?
    Hm... I wish I could do this more with things other than food and shopping. Really good freakin' food does it for me, buying/trying new make up, shopping at Nordstrom/nice clothing stores/cool indie stores. I TRY to use working out but the entire time I'm working out I have not lost myself. I am keeping track of exactly how many more minutes I have until I finish!

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    it isn't Se that creates this "in the moment" feeling
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