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    I have to feel like I'm being dominated and suppressed in some respect before I'll lash out, and I have to already feel less qualified and inferior to the person in the same respect, where the respect is a characteristic I prize about myself because it brings me a feeling of having provided value, something to offer.

    These conditions have to be met simultaneously ... but in the end I'm probably much more of a hot-head than average. Still, I've never tried to destroy belief systems because beliefs AT ALL are a mode of connection for me. If someone has beliefs I can comprehend, they suddenly seem much more human to me. It's hard to feel inferior to someone who has a belief system to you, especially if you disagree with it or can anticipate its flaws.

    So, maybe, once you CAN disable someone's belief system, the desire to attack it through it vanishes.

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    If you're breathing, someone, somewhere is offended.
    Haha, I wouldn't mind. Someone so much as reacting to you has a nice feel to it, even if it's about how much you suck.
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    What is life, lives.

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    I think most people's belief system has something worthy about it, or is at least founded on good principles. Even if there are some aspects I disagree with, I won't tear apart their whole belief system, just those specific bits.

    However, some belief systems I find completely amoral and supporting of injustice. If that is the case, I will gladly tear it apart.

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    I attack Libertarians all of the time, and that's a belief system. But I'm intent on learning not to, which may be an NF trait - to want to further learn to tolerate others in better ways.

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    I actually rather enjoy ruthlessly tearing to pieces any inconsistency or illogical parts of other people's reasoning and beliefs. However, I only do this if they are either a) personally attacking me (which happens quite often, as a great deal of people have problems with the way I think), or b) just plain freaking stupid and need a figurative slap in the face. I don't do option b very much, but if I see an easy opportunity to do so, without taking much time, then I do it.

    Otherwise, I generally don't bother with it, as the vast majority of people who don't agree with me will never be open to what I say anyways, so I just don't waste my time, as my words would be falling on deaf ears.
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    Default An arguing ENFP

    I used to be extremely argumentative. I spent time in chat rooms discrediting racism as a 14-year-old... writing long emails to people to further drive my point home! Looking back, you guys are right, I was attacking their beliefs and that approach probably won't help.

    My father says I have an emotional instead of rational response to criticism and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I do feel personally attacked if people criticise my beliefs, and I have learned rather to "run away and let live".


    People see how I take things to heart and how I'm working at following through on the commitments that I consider important. If you have earned the respect of someone who differs from you in some crucial way - if your ENFP talent for making friends has worked in your favour - you are given a very cool opportunity.

    Once I have won their respect and friendship, I find that my value-based statements, even those in conflict with theirs, start carrying weight.

    I believe the biggest impact I can make is not from debating - which makes life easier since I struggle not to get passionate and irrational in close-to-home debates. It is from winning people's respect than then demonstrating why I believe what I believe.

    In fact, I need to watch out not to make friends with someone just because the prospect of influencing their opinions is so exciting. Any other ENFPs know the feeling?

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