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Thread: NFs Gullible?

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    we can understand and comprehend emotional positions and motivations. we allow ourselves to consider the interior of others, and we are very very good at understanding and creating plausible stories that allow us to pyschologize others. we are creative in our methods of understanding, which can sometimes get us into trouble.

    plausibility and consideration can be highly inefficient as a way of processing information. sometimes we forget to focus on getting quality information, which has a much bigger mark on the truth of the matter.

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    Such great responses!

    I think it's interesting that we've differentiated between being gullible in regards to a money scheme (which is more about common sense) and being gullible in regards to sob stories (which appeals to pathos). I think NFs are more often accused of the second one. Like Sytpg said, it's weighing the pros and cons of doing something good as opposed to duping ourselves. Adding to that, I think Viv made a great point about how we choose who dupes us--wait, let me quote her:

    Gullibility, depends on the person I'm speaking to, whether or not, I see their intentions as honest or not? My hunches pick up on these things pretty well. I can tell when someone tells the truth if their intentions are pure or not.
    Personally, I'm more likely to act naive or gullible in front of someone I trust than in front of a complete stranger. Maybe we're gullible because we're trusting, then? If someone seems sincere to us, and we consider them close to our hearts, we're more likely to believe what they say, even if it's completely off-the-wall crazy.

    We also have deep insight into other people's motivations.

    Or is believing that one example of gullibility?

    Of course having both things be true will make every NF fit their category perfectly at all points in time and thus prove its credibility.
    That's also a great point, toonia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
    I've been told that we NFs are, and at first I laughed...then I suddenly realized, oh wait, I actually am gullible. So. Is this just a stereotype, or do you feel it's vindicated? I'm curious.
    I think I'm pretty gullible. I remember when I was PLENTY old to know better, my sister convinced me that she had a magic toy at home waiting for me when she wanted to have my grandparents all to herself!!

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    I can be duped by someone if I'm caught unawares. Ironically,
    though I've walked into walls mistakenly, as far as people go
    I'm rarely caught unawares.
    "The views of absolutists and purists everywhere should be noted in fierce detail, then meticulously and thoroughly printed onto my toilet paper ply."

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