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    While I don't do "fake", I will employ a distance between me and whatever/whomever it is I have to deal with, esp if I'm nursing wounds or not able to roll with what comes next. Even though I talk about feelings a lot and understand them pretty well overall, I find that I'm way more cloaked than my ENFP sister who has a level of "not going to hide it" that I admire but find painful to even consider.
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    I used to be an open book..nowadays I'm a book that easily opens if you just take the effort do open it up, so no I don't hide my emotions if one looks closely. There are however pages that have been sealed off. Not that many, but certain things are...too sensitive to handle and I don't wanna overwhelm people, so those I keep hidden. I'm more silly on the internet than irl, as there I get less often the chance to go silly without being 'socially inappropriate'. And I do feel sorta safer here than irl, so I'll be less carefull and withdrawn here...till you get me on vent, or msn, or irl. Then the difference is clear.

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    Quite often, always in public or with those I have not known long.
    I generally like everything nicely safe in my head - until I come across some kind of cruelty or need for change in the world. And then it all comes out.
    Look out.

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    For me, F, relates to how I make my decisions, in relation to how it may/may not effect others, including myself. It's a personal/subjective approach.

    In terms of showing emotions, depends on the person I'm talking to?

    Vulnerability to me, is a separate matter. It's truly circumstantial. Depends on the context of the situation. I show that side more, when I feel that there is a sense of acceptance, understanding, when it's appropriate. In a way, it's about validation, knowing I can trust the other person enough to let my guard down. In my younger days, I used to be much much more wearing my heart on my sleeves. Still am, to a more subdued degree. Overall, I'm pretty much myself. If I don't like someone or something, I won't pretend to like them. If I feel I need to say something, I say it. When I feel uncomfortable, I show it.

    I know thinkers who come off as feelers. When making decisions, it's a totally different process. I'm objective when I need to be. Really depends. That's when I break away from my typical type functions and approach the situation accordingly.

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    it's partly hiding but it's partly just wearing a mask. it is not just for my relationship with others but for MYSELF as well. you just kind of override your emotions at times. let them fall away and they're still there, but you're distracted by other tasks, you're at work and you're composing yourself, focusing on maintaining your attention on other things, etc. i will let my male emotions go more freely, expressions of anger, disgust, disdain, frustration, etc. they are less emotional responses, in my mind, and more bursts of energy to attempt to change/control a situation. defensive reflections, creating a solid boundary, etc. my female emotions are not going to be seen by acquaintances, coworkers, friends of friends, etc if i can help it.

    things slip thru the cracks. finding the right communicative balance and the right way to express yourself is necessary for social success, satisfaction, etc. sometimes i have been very fortunate that my mask let something out, it allowed more direct and honest communication, more social intervention, etc. at other times it just gets exhausting and now is not the time to get into this. "professionalism" is very annoying.

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    I don't hide my emotions towards and about other people, I hide emotions from and about myself to others.

    I don't like that people can see into me emotionally. I don't express me (I don't mean this in an unauthentic way :F) in front of most people. I express the surface layer easily, just not the core.

    Sometimes I'm caught off guard with my non-other-people-effected expression on my face - those are the closest glimpses that most people will ever get to seeing me, to my emotional atmosphere. Then people will get worried and say: "Are you ok? You look so serious".

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    I often hide my emotions in daily life. Generally I've found people can't handle emotions and sharing them comes back to bite you in the ass if you're not careful.

    I'd much rather just work through any emotions and feelings I have myself. Talking about and showing them only leads to be being put in the hot seat. Interrogation on why you feel that way and to having something you felt and expressed being hung around your neck so to speak.

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    actually yeah i should say that i do hide sad emotions...i don't enjoy sharing will be upfront and say i'm feeling off or blue but i don't typically discuss those with someone.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    I used to be very, very guarded, since I somehow thought that others could read me. Turns out that I only thought that because I had the capacity to read them and I believed that others could easily reciprocate. I don't much bother anymore.

    When I hide my emotions, most people are completely oblivious to it. I work with a bunch of engineers and scientists, and they make up the majority of this town as well. I can fake being one of them to a T (lol) pretty easily.

    Among those I'm close to, I don't bother hiding my emotions unless I'm completely concentrating on helping them with their problems.. no need to complicate things by introducing my own vulnerabilities unless that helps them.

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    Another reason people seem different on the forum than in real daily life is because in a forum there are no interrelation agendas. Life is so full of agendas you really cannot share emotions and express yourself honestly.

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