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    i seem to attract entjs. mixed feelings about them: they are fascinating people but in my experience can be quite dominating. i worry a bit about losing myself with them. my older sister is an entj. i don't think she'll ever let me forget that 2 1/2 year age difference.

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    I think I would work far better with an ENFJ. The ENTJ's steamrolling Te and desire to take charge and me having to fight for my own space and independence all the time would exhaust me and drive me crazy. At least the ENFJ could communicate in Fe with me which I speak fluently so I wouldn't feel hurt and offended all the time. Simon Cowell is most likely an ENTJ, would you as an INFJ really want to have a relationship with someone like him?

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    With good communication and the right "flavours" of the two types involved, I reckon it could work very well indeed.

    Personally, I find ENTJ's pretty damn attractive That dom-Te can be kinda scary, but, by the same token, it's power and unfamiliarity are alluring; I just love the expansiveness and the forcefulness of the ENTJ personality [provided the individual is at least passably healthy, of course]. And because they're extravert, there's not that odd, unsettling massive-gulf-in-communication that can occur with INTJs. I admire the activeness in the world brought by tertiary Se, too, and find that the Ni-connection makes for both some awesome in-depth conversation and brilliantly personalised/in-jokey/out-there banter/humour

    The types are kinda...very different shaped, definitely. The relationship would work to a great degree on contrast - although the similarities between ENTJ and INFJ mean they are capable of hitting it off brilliantly, it certainly wouldn't be a "kindred spirit"-type relationship, and as such, may not be what some INFJs are looking for (perhaps this varies by Enneatype? 9w1s [like Lightyear] in particular, I could imagine feeling less comfortable with this aspect of the ENTJ-INFJ dynamic). There probably would be a power imbalance in the relationship, or at the very least the appearance of one; but if both parties are comfortable with that, then why the hell not?

    ...Damn~...really wanna find me some massivelycharismatic!sadist!ENTJ now, it'd be so extreme/interesting...

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    ENTJ-INFJ are described as relations of supervsion. That explains why there are mixed feelings between the two. ENTJ is the supervisor, INFJ the supervisee:

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