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    Quote Originally Posted by Viv View Post
    Really depends on the people I'm dealing with & situation for me.

    If it's with family/friends/elders/pets/kids- I am extremely patient.

    If it's with someone who's really stringent, by the books, a-hole- I automatically roll my eyes at them without even knowing it. Even if I wanted to stop it, I can't. I know I really need to work on it..

    Most times, I fairly patient!
    Now I get it. Thank you Viv.
    You put me on the right track.

    I see it now. There exists two phenomena!
    Only one word for them, though.

    Ptgatsby patience, and Viv patience.
    Want of neuroticism = tolerance for crime (and backwardness)
    -and loving empathy. Respectively.

    I have none of the ptgatsby patience.
    I am inadequate in the Viv patience.
    But I am working on it.

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    temperament and individual's willingness to develop in the area

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