Dude I'm telling you, leave the FJs alone. Abandon ship.

I've asked people before, how close do you want to be to me? It's like I have to give informed consent, lol. The closer you are the worse it gets. You are my business, your whole existence is my business, there is little sense of when to go away or back off. You're in my little electron cloud. I really don't even know how to advise you how to get this FJ monkey off your back because you'd need an atom smasher or something once you get in that deep. It's the Fe Merge. I think Jung talked about it.
YOu know I am glad you said this...I guess I prefer that others know themselves well enough to admit something like this. I would much prefer to know what I am getting into and your question "How close do you want to be to me?" would give me a lot to consider. It would help me presonally bec. of the tendency to prepare for the future and it would give me a sense of empowerment to make the right choice for me. I really click with ENFJ's and as i think back over my interactions with them, I can certainly see this attitude you discussed. I so love being around Fe but it does get to be too much at times and man, there can be no middle ground when it goes off its rocker. Can you suggest anything other than to abandon ship? I hate to end things like that, but it has happened...such a shame to me.