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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbows View Post
    I've heard alot of places that say INFJ's can have have psychic abilities, are there any real expirences/arguments to this tune? Has this been proven/disproven, have an explanation...personal stories welcomed and appreciated
    I think it seems psychic, but is a very natural way of deducing things based on what a person percieves from others and situations.

    For inf-'s I think this is all related to empathy, but that's just my own experience. our empathy, I think, is loaded with wisdom about others and things that happen in life, like the way things tend to play out depending on the situations and the feel of the people involved. I think this make since to a lot of iN types perhaps...?

    Hey, a question for you and other infj's:
    Do you sometimes see people and feel like you have lived their lives. Like you've been there?
    Out beyond idea's of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field, I'll meet you there. ~Rumi

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    I dont think people are psychicly gifted as such that they can percieve other dimensional thingies with a extra lobe in the brain. Its seems to me that somehow people relate millions of expierences and worries that occur in a day to psychic qualities. That are better explained as having hindsight conclusions and psychological loopholes. I do believe that people are basicly all knowing and that our personality is all but an illusion (not most healty state of mind).

    Perhaps this is why people who have very secure thoughts about ways of relating to the world seem more wise and divinish, because they dont have to preoccupie there basic essence with daily thought so in the silence such a strong thought pattern creates wisdom can flow i believe. Like the 8 year old indian kid on television that seems more wise than a 40 year old western man, altough this may be a psychic realization wich coming from me should taking not to seriously

    But having psychic expierences from such a illusionari state of mind we all expierence on a daily basis seems unlikly to me.
    Iv met a few psychic people who talked mostly generalized mumble with the occazionly strange weird name popping up that they couldnt possibly know.
    But the 100+ dollar i had to pay afterwards didnt pull me over the line of convincing me.

    Those people also seem very simple in mind they have no illusions about themselves and as god said (or the guy who wrote it) Gods gift are for the simple minded, - or something to that extend

    For hopeseed: Outside the question of i am infj, I know the feeling i think, i have this sometimes when i am standing around in the city or anywhere for that matter, and a person catches me looking at them for a moment and there is this instant connection of recognition, this person often ends up talking to me their deepest convictions of certain things etc wich i dont know how to handle and after wards the feelings about how i percieved them are usally very different so i tend to keep such strangers at a distance, i find it best to dont entertain myself with feelings of knowing about such persons because i make those inherently mine and its saddening to find those shattered although i find that i can learn from those ''mistakes''

    Dont know if that applies to your question tho, just wanting to share :P

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    I wouldn't call it psychic... I think it's a combination of high intuition and high observation. And to that end, I'd say yes... I'd say that's true for me.

    An example...

    Once in a french class, we were doing a studying game (in high school) and we were to write down the work for "saw", as in, the tool, and no one could get it. I looked up at my teacher and caught her eye, and the word popped into my head. I had no recollection of ever learning it (in fact, I wasn't even paying attention to the game... I was doodling). Turned out the word I came up with was right.

    that sort of thing happens often enough for me to be aware of this ability. But more often than not, it's because of my intuition.

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