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Thread: NFs as nudists

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Ayrab View Post
    a). Ooh, you never been to the gym before, here in the states the guys old and young don't mind walking around stark naked in the gym bathroom infront of each other, so I usually go home smelling like shit, instead of showering there.

    B). I was trying to be sarcastic, sadly they have no font for that.

    c). Tisk Tisk Carolyn, I hope that comment is a lack of sarcastic font like mine.

    D). I would be equally offended, no joke, its rude and unhumanly. My response would be, my god madam, cover up as I hand her my jacket.
    a) My sauna is at the gym, and trust me, no one would be caught dead doing that.

    b) Hehe, no worries, I like to use sarcasm as well.

    c) Sure it is. Feistiness is the spice of life. Please do not take it personally.

    d) Good! Your argument is consistent. I can respect that.
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    I do enjoy my naked days.
    I may be bested in battle, but I shall never be defeated.

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    Captain Chick, I have a picture from when I was 8 or so where I'm sitting in a swimming tube and it looks like I'm naked. Its funny cause I look so casual and chilled out naked on my swimming tube. My sister has it on display in her room

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