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Thread: I hate school.

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    I infer "liberal arts" as English, no?

    I share the same discontent you've lamented about regarding school. My parents mandated that I would receive a University education. Half of the time, my interest waned; the other half, my interest piqued. I view my degree as a 'pratical' physical manifestation of 'knowledge' in the world; yet you and I both know that accumulating knowledge functions like a continuum rather than a discontinuous block (Of course, the latter proving true when death ends life). A degree is not a sarcophagus nor an effigy for knowledge. For me, my University experience lied in Professors connecting, caring and investing time into you. That alone made my University experience worth it.

    If the problem lies in the classroom setting, try some 500/5000 level courses. Its Level of discourse far surpasses antecedent course levels. That's a small start.

    Clover, I sincerely hope you find at least one professor, to whom you can connect with on some level.
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    I can definitely relate. My undergrad experience burnt me out on both reading and writing. I churned through so many books and wrote so many papers, that I did neither for years after graduation. I picked up nothing heavier than a comic book for about 5 years. It did gradually return, and I was able to find joy in authoring some articles and translating some books. My "heavy" reading returned as well, first with pleasure novels and then more technical readings.

    I'm not sure how I made it through my undergrad experience. It was a very structured military school, so that momentum might have kept me going. Grad school was much more enjoyable in that respect ... probably because I was able to take classes only in my field of study, without any additional fluff. I agree with Noel that taking some 500 level courses and connecting with one or more professors could help. It made a tremendous difference for me ... being one of the only times in my life I received any mentoring. An added bonus for me was that most of them were also N's ... and we formed an abstract communication bond.

    As for the employability part, I do recommend finishing with a degree. I've been poor and it sucks. There are aspects of my present career and job that I don't enjoy, but I keep plugging at it to keep the income flowing. To me, being poor sucks more than sacrificing some enjoyment in the career area. Having said that, I woudn't go into a field that I completely hate. Trying to strike a balance between enjoying what you do and still making a living is quite important.

    Hope you find your niche. I wish you much success.

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    I would prefer doing everything at once and not to study things I can't do anyway.

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    well i'm in high school and i already want to drop out so i don't have any encouraging advice. i pretty much hate how reality is structured around responsibilities. seems like our lives don't get a break from schoolschoolschool then workworkwork. if we existed in a purely spirit realm there would be no need for physical necessities like food, water or money, therefore we'd get more real freedom. sorry for depressing anyone with impossible, unproductive ideas.

    everyone says uni/college will be better but i've taken one uni course as part of my preliminary units. i thought i would actually like philosophy but the essay writing is becoming increasingly tedious and intolerable, the annoying emphasis on proper structure and citation doesn't help either. i should probably tell the prof i couldn't do my paper because chronic procrastination is due to existential angst.

    i'm doubting now whether i want to continue onto tertiary level but everyone keeps threatening that i'll be damned if i don't. fear is the only thing keeping me in school but i also fear the constant piling of tests, assignments and grades. wish there was a hippie college near where i lived. sorry for the counterproductive rant. F U LIFE.

    i really hope you found an option which worked for you, clover.
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