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    I didn't trust older people enough, my parents did one heck of a number on me and I saw all older people as the same as my parents.

    I always had friends my age, and now I have a few slightly younger, or slightly older.

    I was hanging out with some women a decade older than me but we had nothing in common. I want to party, they are desperate housewives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IDK123 View Post
    So I'm 19 and the people I tend to connect with the most are usually 20-30 years older. It's not that I don't like my peers, it's just really interesting. I let out my pretty immature when I'm around them but when I'm around much older individuals, I'm a lot more serious and get into many in depth conversations. Can others identiy with this?
    Yes, word for word. Heck when I talk about more serious topics, people have mistaken me for a 50 year old.

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