You folks are great. Thanks for the feedback.

I think the biggest challenge is having an idealist mindset, but living in a realist world. In other words, everybody knows it's best to have just wide open communication at all times. But like some of you mention, we sometimes need to be tactful in our communication. Good communication also involves considering how our words are interpreted by the recipient. But it would be easy for an unhealthy habit to form if a person is always walking on egg shells with another person...never quite sure whether they can be themself. No one wants to live with that.

So it's been a week and I'm happy to say we had no incidents the whole time. Part of our problem may have been from trying to be too judgmental of each other. We are learning to have a lighter heart and it's been much better.

But the advice several of you give for communicating is great. Faith's advice was very practical. Sometimes I feel like we need to just have "verbal practice time", but that just sounds so fake. But I think we need it and it's helpful.

Thanks again...