this makes me feel like Fi. that i am keeping feelings thru every spring cleaning that are illogical and that my Ti keeps pounding down like whack-a-mole.

i've spent my entire life trying to get smarter feelings, giving more Ti energy to my Ni allows me to surpass my environs and the upbringing of sheltered christian middle america and the idiocy of my peers.

but it doesn't seem to work and i'm just as dumb (constant cognitve failures) as ever. it's depressing- j makes my feelings have the trump card, but i need to elect a new president or at least give him better cabinet and congress. i'm running my country down the drain. i have to FIND smarter feelings around me, bc it does not seem as if i can invent them internally. they grow more complicated like the streets of paris, and none of the old can be demolished only built around and on-top-of.