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View Poll Results: suppose if you really like an artist's music, will you

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  • buy their original CD products

    16 84.21%
  • actively look out & go to their LIVE concerts

    7 36.84%
  • buy their merchandise-releases

    5 26.32%
  • tell ur friends excitedly (even frantically) about them (online, or offline)

    12 63.16%
  • support any of their online endeavors, ie: Myspace, website, online-promotion, etc

    5 26.32%
  • usually be indifferent, and just go download their music for free, "for fun"

    5 26.32%
Multiple Choice Poll.

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    Senior Member niki's Avatar
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    Default NF: when you really like an artist's music

    ...then how would you usually treat the artist of your likings/favorite ?

    would you:
    - buy (or at least try) their original CD products, or still prefer downloading for free? (please be totally honest here )
    - actively find out & go to their concerts
    - buy the merchandises-relesases from the your favorite artist/band/musician? or not?

    I want to make a poll, basically because i'm just curious if there's indeed a correlation between NFs and the 'close-feeling'ness with their favorite artists (or maybe not)..that's what i want to find out in this thread

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    EDIT:Hey, that poll wasn't there a minute ago was it??

    I meant to say I do all of the first five.

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    I do all of the first five.
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    My NF sis does these;
    ~buy their original CD products
    ~actively look out & go to their LIVE concerts
    ~buy their merchandise-releases [at gigs]
    ~tell ur friends excitedly (even frantically) about them (offline)

    Dunno about type patterns though cause I'm usually right next to her doing the same thing.

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    Unfortunately my favorite artist is dead and my favorite composer is dead. But I buy their music online, and go to concerts. I'm going to a Liszt concert this saturday! Woohoo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by niki View Post
    I want to make a poll, basically because i'm just curious if there's indeed a correlation between NFs and the 'close-feeling'ness with their favorite artists (or maybe not)..that's what i want to find out in this thread
    So, you want to find out who we're stalking?

    If I really like a band, usually I buy all of the albums. (I have 12 or 13 R.E.M. albums, the most I have of any one group or artist.) I would actively go to their live shows, but the nearest major town where big-name acts would come to play is 6.5 hours away.

    I don't really buy "merchandise," but I've purchased a couple music-related DVDs such as Pearl Jam's "Single Video Theory" (which is excellent by the way). I felt that SVT really gave me some insight into the band during their Yield era, as far as the vibe they were in at that time.

    I don't download music: either I like a band well enough to purchase their music, or I don't like it well enough to mess around with illegal downloading. Some artists remove their music from Youtube but I think it's great that there are a ton of live concert clips on Youtube. They just make me more likely to purchase the band's music rather than download it for free, if the band is good. I think only mediocrity fears exposure; talent has no worries in this area. (Although I do admit there are crooked people out there who will download illegally no matter what...)

    I'm not sure what "supporting" a band's web site etc. means. I did "friend" a few bands on Myspace if that is the kind of thing you're talking about though. But I do mention bands that I think are really talented. For example, everyone should check out Ghostland Observatory. They just got big with their Austin City Limits appearance a year or so ago and are a 2-piece electro-rock/dance act that has to be seen to be believed.
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