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Thread: Songwriting

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    To echo some of the above comments, it sounds like you are over-analysing when it comes to songwriting. To get back on track you need to engage your Feeling functions. I suggest you first do something really enjoyable to get yourself into the right frame of mind, then just write down what comes naturally in a free-form, flowing stream of lyrics. Complete the song first, then go back and make any desired edits, or better yet, get someone whose opinion you value to look at it for you. This will allow your Fe function to contribute to the process. Not much will happen until you give yourself the freedom to work in this way, I suspect.
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    this is also exactly my difficulties!
    for some unknown reason, I've always had it verry easy when it comes to composing melody, even the entire arrangements down to the details! be it pop, rock, symphony, etc.
    but when it comes to lyrics, i've always got stuck.
    so i can relate with the OP here, i often have such overwhelming emotions, but it's really hard to put 'em into rhyming sentences, more especially , to fit them with my tunes (I tend to finish the music 1st, 'cuz it comes very easily to me) ! and hence, unfinished songs (unfinished lyrics)

    i've asked many people, and they mostly agree that first, what i need is just to brainstorm & free-write first. and then afterwards, I can fit my ideas into the rhyming structure for the tunes i've composed.
    but what does that really mean?
    does that mean for each song, i need to write ANYthing in a blank sheet of paper (or 1-2pages of book) ? and then afterwards, modify, and write the 'finished' form on the 3rd page?

    how about your usual methods of writing lyrics, guys? (do you guys make it in a 'special lyrics' book, page-per-page? or in sheets of papers? or how?)
    can you share?

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    You've fallen into the same trap I have:

    Writer's block is caused primarily by one thing: judging your writing before or as you write. If you have perfectionist tendencies, then writing may be particularly difficult for you. What is essential for you to keep in mind is that writing is a process, and a process takes time. If you expect what you write to come out perfectly in the first draft then you will be plagued by writer's block your whole life. The first draft is called a rough draft for the very reason that it is a piece of writing yet unformed. Your job, as de Maupassant advised, is to "get black on white." And contrary to what many people think, you don't have to know what you want to say or even what you want to write about before you begin writing. As a writer your initial job is to find out what you know and what you don't. C.Day Lewis said "We do not write in order to be understood, we write in order to understand." The way you begin writing is to try some prewriting activities.
    Really good way of looking at it here.

    One Solution

    A way to think about writing is to imagine that there are three parts of your personality that have to get involved before any writing project is finished. Let's call these three entities the


    Writer's block occurs when the Editor part of you and the Inventor part of you try to work on a piece of writing at the same time. The Inventor part of you revved up about an writing idea and the editor part of you is being critical, maybe even taunting you about not articulating your idea well enough, (or if you have a really mean editor, he'll tell you that it's not a good idea anyway) and he'll point out your problems with grammar, or spelling or syntax. These two parts of your personality must be separated if you are to write well. The Editor, who is the task master, needs to be put out in the hall to wait his turn. You need the Editor, but not until later. Having the Editor in the room the same time you're working with the Creator in you is like trying to shower and get dressed at the same time without getting wet. Impossible!
    I suffer from this same problem, essentially the only way to move beyond this is to write regardless of editing, to NOT evaluate your own work yourself because the perfectionist side of you will be far beyond the normal level of critique you would recieve from a professional editor or an honest friend.

    I know the link revolves around writing as in book writing, but as you said (and I agree) song writing works off the same premise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blanclait View Post
    don't label, categorize, analyze or try to define anything at all.
    I agree. Write until the wall you put up vanishes, and you have a clear line between your thoughts and the paper. When words start flowing naturally from your brain.

    Ni works differently to Ne, but it is still intuitive. If you can get that intuitive process in a comfort zone where all those deep thoughts come out, they should come out well. And the more you write, the better your intuition will get at it.

    Also write them for no one, and to show no one, as a start. Then nothing like making an impression will cloud it.
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    i'm going thru the same thing. if i start with this expectation of a finished product, i'm always disappointed. if i have more of a design mentality, and allow the coherency and intelligence to just emerge out of extremely SMALL decisions and gestures, it comes together in a way that is, at least, something.

    i can free-write and call myself a beat poet, but i'm still figuring out what kind of intermediate steps to take to produce something of more wide-ranging value to others. right now i say i'm just practicing, with the hope that one day i will look back and realize the value and meaning i so desperately wanted to uncover, has slowly but surely infiltrated my writing when i wasn't looking and being too dave eggers self-conscious.

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    Thanks guys. I got a lot of encouragement and useful tips. It's definitely a writer's a block, but not for long. I'll get past it. Thanks for the links too.

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