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    Quote Originally Posted by mackie View Post
    ARgh... I was thinking about something really clever to say, when I read this... and now I can't stop thinking about diamonds inside people...

    <--- for me :P
    Heh...sorry I guess.

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    I think handling an INTP is a very different beast from an INTJ.

    That pure Ti logic that INTPs have goes straight to the core. I really enjoy talking to them and picking thier brians as they actually very rarely ever come across arrogant. I often find them to "trust" me with the little bit of Fe that peeks from under the rug. We will talk about family, wives, kids, and they will be more open with me in these discussions than other folks. This may be becuase I can establish rapport with them in how they commnicate, as they tend to talk slow and think so methodically, and I will wait patiently for them to finish, and provide a lot of eggagerated nonverbal cues that let them know this is okay. I am often thier counselor.

    No sparks though.

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    INTJs on the other hand...

    someone posted earlier about why enfps should bow down and forsake our own logic and be silly to win over an INTJ.

    Becuse it works.... They are captivated like moths to a flame by the scatter. They are so bound by the intenseness that defines them and so wrapped, focused, and driven. They have this passion inside them, stirring and slumbering and when they do feel it is such a strong, overwhelming thing for them.

    So an enfp is like a little flutterby, whisking and whirring by, sparkling and all aglow. It is a releif and distraction from the worries and weight they carry. It pulls at the weak little Fi and twitches it around a bit to make them smile and forgive behavior that would normally NEVER be tolerated.

    And in that moment of Te weakness, you sneak the logic through. hehehehe.....

    Ni seems to be a pretty tough nut to crack and so incredibly stubborn, once set on a course, to my Ne, sometimes, but thats why I have an Fi just waiting and hiding, luring the poor unsuspecting INTJ into my lair.

    then I nip off his toes.

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