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    Default Does this INFJ girl like me?

    I'm quite an active INTP blogger. I blog about practically anything. It's an INTP thing. We just basically feel that we know a little bit of something about anything. I'm not sure if other INTPs like to blog as well though. Writing just gives my Ne a more apparent form, in my opinion, instead of all the ideas getting stuck in my head.

    In the writing realm though, my blogging style comes off different. It doesn't come off as well detailed narrative of specifics like how an SP may do it, nor does it have an artistic flair of an NF(p) style of writing. An INTP form of writing tends to become a 3rd party, observational, analytical observer type of writing. Sometimes, I inject a whiff of sarcasm into it, but that's primarily the nature of it.

    There's this one INFJ girl (graduated in psychology, so she knows MBTI, but is not a psychologist in current practice), who quite consistently views my blogs. I eventually befriended her, but we couldn't meet each other realistically due to distance gap.

    Not that I like her or whatnot. I have a girlfriend, and she knows it. Nor do I try t put any sense of malice with the way we interact online, but given the opportunity of her going near my area in the future, we might have some lunch or something.

    The thing with our interaction is, she likes the way we interact. I guess she sees me as someone smart. Every now and then, she would try tapping to my inner core, trying to see if she can extract some F (feeling) out of it.

    Being an INTP myself, it's less embarrassing for me to write something coldly analytical than write something beautifully NF sugarcoated. But in this writing realm I belong to, my friends (including real life ones) are very good ENFP writers, so I guess, once in a while, I get pressured by feelers and try to write something introspective (intrapersonal) to add variety to what I write.

    With this INFJ girl though, I usually try to shrug her attempt to extract an F from me with my Ne sarcasm. It's not the usual offensive type of ENTP sarcasm though. I just tell her that F is not my thing. Though I appreciate her attempt in getting to know me even if she hardly knows me in person.

    This gave me a wild idea that she probably likes me. Or I could be just romanticizing things. Any INFJ here that may wanna share their thoughts on this?

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    Probably just an NF thing. You said your ENFP friends try to do it too right? Do you have any reason to think she likes you besides trying to get you to be more personal?

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    Yeah it's just an NF thing.

    Dude your avatar is awesome Cypocalypse. Just thought I'd put that in.
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

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    I know two INTP IRL. I am drawn to them because in my limited experience, they are very smart in a very unassuming way. I have met other knowledgeable types who knew better how to market themselves.

    So there is this much older INTP and whenever I need to get some question cleared, I will go to him. Why, because it is important to me as an INFJ, to be able to bounce ideas/debate/discuss with someone whom I feel to be at least on the same level intellectually. Or to be challenged in my thinking sometimes. No romantic attachment whatsoever, but I am aware that when I approach him, it is in public and therefore that there cannot be any misunderstanding. Living in a culture where it is commonplace to greet people by kissing on both cheeks, I abstain from that and will only shake hands with him, knowing that his wife is always near and will pounce and claim her man whenever a female roams too close to her hubby!

    As for the younger INTP, he is a nephew of mine and it is a delight to see him play with ideas. It is also amusing to see how he attracts girls of all sorts (smart or not) and how he simply does not notice. Or if someone would point it out to him, he would look wide-eyed and then dismiss it. I sometimes fear that some too clever or manipulative minx will catch him one day and twist him around her little finger and make him unhappy...

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    When I've had crushes on INTPs, I try to get them to talk about anything that makes them happy. Even online. It's only after I've established a really good relationship with them that I try to probe their F. I've never put much thought into it before, but I guess it's because I want to make sure they know they can trust me before I ask them to do something which I sense could make them uncomfortable. I don't want them to get scared and withdraw.

    When I don't care so much about the person, though, I'll risk "probing the F" a lot sooner because it's what interests me and it won't be such a loss if the person gets scared and runs.

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    Re: op

    It's not certain, but it's definitely possible. She's at least interested/curious and has probably entertained numerous possibilities for the two of you for the sake of making a decision on how to proceed with you.

    Personally, I find myself drawn to INTPs against my better judgment. They entertain me and dazzle me with their powers of Ti.
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    I personally don't like INTP's although I do admire their intelligence and quick witty minds. They're too dry and plastic like for me. Dealing with them feels like operating a machinery. However, I always want to know the other person fully and deeply. I tend to be intense and I dig deep into each person I encounter, trying to take off all the layers. Even if I wasn't interested, navigating their psychic intoxicates me. I can't help it, I have to get up close and personal with even the less important people to me. I find each soul to have its own unique world that is worthy of discovering.

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    Hm...I tend to see people as ""x" waiting to be discovered" and just leave once I'm done exploring so I may suddenly disappear as quickly as I appeared just like that.
    I was attracted to NT types quite often actually so it's not impossible.(well who am I kidding that's not even a type thing...)
    But I tend to want everyone to open up so that might indeed not be a "red hot sign" for you. Maybe she just wants to be friends with you or am I being naive?
    Sometimes I feel like I'm "on Mercury"-

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