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OK here is the situation, someone I met on the way to work traveling, says he wants to help me out and has been going way out of his way to help me.
At first I was sure that he has some sort of thing for me, then he went on to tell me, don't think that I have some sort of thing for you etc. I am just trying to help, because if I were in your situation I would have wanted someone to help me etc.
But then every time we talk he somehow steers the conversation to what goes on at work, and if guys at work are hitting on me and stuff, and be dropping comments like, cause you are so pretty etc, it would be hard not to be flattered and enjoy flirting...
Then I'll say something like thats not the case, that people know I'm married and so on, and that they know their boundries.
I mean I try to be nonchalant, but I still don't know whats up with this guy.
He'll go back and say again that hes not trying to flirt with me but then go back and say weird stuff like if you ever want to go out and party and go crazy I can give you a ride to so and so a place.
I don't know what to think about all this.
On the one hand he had me convinced for awhile that he really just does mean well, and just wants to help me out, but then he'll say weird stuff or compliment me or say how I should be careful about sexual harassment at work and so on. Is this like a brotherly type thing, or what, I mean I have really high intuition, but this guy has got to be NF so I can't figure out if hes being real or has some hidden agenda.
NFs what do you think?
Maybe he just enjoys talking to me? cause I'm a good conversationalist?
Am I being paranoid?
No not paranoid, something has got you wierded out.
If you're married get your spouse to go with you, see how this person reacts, just a thought