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    I'm not liking the idea of being put in a group of immature jocks and jock-wannabes and two of my best friends (both INFJ) for a school thing (daily basis. with a workload that will necessitate 9-7pm days) for 7 weeks, and an additional community service project after. Talking about this to a friend today made me realise they intimidate me, and that I crave their approval even if I don't give them much of mine.
    It's irrational. I doubt they notice me at all to have a negative opinion of me, but meh, being with people I can't be silly with, who MAY think dismissively of me (stupid and vain, i know) drives me crazy.
    NOT crazy, NOT vain, NOT stupid!!! ugh, I go to a whole university with those... Those. And for the life of me I can't seem to share an existential thought, or a fleeting glimpse of human empathy with any of them! They are all (okay prob. not all of them, but a lot of them...) caught up in petty jealousies and competitions. I totally understand where you are coming from--and I don't envy your situation one bit.

    However, because it seems that you are stuck with it, I suggest starting out as "sane" (dry as stale white bread.. lol as possible and then maybe slipping in some silly jokes every now and then. Maybe they will get them maybe not. But no matter what, don't ever let someone else dictate how you feel. It is more important to be proud of who you are for your own sake than to pedal for the approval of others. so if being yourself necessitates being silly then you should do it, no matter what some jocks think. I know that I would personally appreciate some silliness in my life right now, so who knows, maybe they would too (but even if they don't, your life is not about making them feel comfortable, it is about you feeling fulfilled and whole).

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    Aw c'mon. We ALL have to deal with moronic assholes on a daily basis. It's just because 2/3rds of the world's population are immature, self absorbed and phenomenally stupid, regardless of type. At least your friends are there with you so you can mercilessly make fun of these people behind their backs the entire time.

    Also, who knows? Some of them might turn out to be really nice once you get to know them. Just because they have fewer intelligent thoughts than spaceships have landed on the sun doesn't mean they cannot be polite, fairly functional and ignorable members of society.

    All in all think of it as a social experiment. You get to observe some incredibly stupid people, this is usually pretty hilarious. It kept me going through highschool.

    (Ooooh, try making fun of them to their face using a really neutral tone and words they probably don't understand. The looks of confusion on their faces are worth paying money for.)

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