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    Oh, and let me just say that many African-Americans are NFs. Many are gifted, they learn differently, they can contribute so much to the world. It's just due to not only general American society, but black culture as well, that makes them hide away and mask their feelings through medicine and the gangsta culture that doesn't allow them to develop this. It's a shame.

    And yes, being a black male, and being feelings-oriented is really tough, because the thug culture, where you can't show feelings and you have to be tough to fit in. Especially if you're in a neighborhood in which you have to literally fit in to not get beat up, would be really hard.

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    You know, it really depends.
    I'm black, 100% African and I was "thrown" in a French high school where people would not worry about dropping a $500 ring because their father would pay. Others were dragging their clothes out of people's garbage and I wasn't part of either.
    I've seen it all in the school I'm in. The thing is that sometimes blacks get paranoid. Racism isn't everywhere, it's in places, it's undercover, it's blatant, it's a whole lot of components. Then there's the difference between prejudice and racism. Sometimes it's just plain innocent ignorance with no bad intentions although it is tiring at times. We have to check the intentions in my opinion.
    My parents have "bred" me to be suspicious of everything and sometimes I do need to check that myself to make sure I'm not just being overly defensive.
    I'm an INFJ, it has been "lonely" to say the least. I did have encounters with racism, being called "black shit," being "spat at" accidentally, no fighting, thank god. I have not stepped out of line on racist people so far because I'm extremely self-controlled.
    Racism is something your gut feels.(Anyone who has been a victim of it knows what I'm talking about).
    When that lady's smile slightly disappears or the tone of their voice drops when they see you get the picture.
    Sometimes they act overly happy because they try to hide it but you can see right through that easy.They will go on and on about how they love black people everytime they see you. As if trying to prove that they do. Why would they have to prove that?
    Anyways, just my "experience" as a black INFJ girl, so far.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm "on Mercury"-

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