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    Default NFs sport and coordination

    I'm interested in what other NFs are like at sport, and whether personality type has much bearing on it.

    Also how they approach sport, techniques, etc. What aspects they are best at.
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    I'm not really into much sport, I was the back stroke swim champion 3 years in a row at school, but that wasn't because I liked it, it was because I was the fastest in the year and had no choice but to participate.

    I also won the gold medal for high jump for 2 consecutive years, again not because I liked it or wanted to, just because I was taller and therefore better at it than everyone else.

    The only sport I've ever really enjoyed playing is squash and that's just because it's so much fun, an excellent workout and a great way to burn off aggression. It's also great for working up some sexual steam if played with the right person.
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    I have a crappy coordination and I'm slow. I hate ball games and aerobics etc.

    On the other hand, I have an excellent endurance. Especially in the summer I often jog or bike all day long.

    I also do horseback riding, mainly dressage now. It's kind of slow and requires a lot of concentration and cooperation (with the animal), so it's pretty ideal for me.

    (I dislike competition very much, btw. I do sports just for fun.)

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    I was horrible at sports, never really played anything due to lack of time and being in poor shape. I LOVE Football and Baseball though if that accounts for anything. Other than that I hit the gym and that is about it for me.
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    Not very good at sports but I do enjoy team sports quite a bit.

    I was very good dasher when I was younger. I kind of regret not having sticked with that.

    Was a relatively good swimmer until I quit. Tried basketball. Team spirit wasn't really our forte and I even got into a serious fight in the locker-room with one of my teammates. Then I tried Tae Kwon Do but got bored.

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    I'm decent at sports overall. Some sports I'm good at or used to be good at (i.e. I was a pretty good defenceman when I played hockey), some I'm aweful at (basketball, haha, but I'm tall enough to jump up and stuff people ).

    The way I approach sports has a lot to do with my personality. I'm not too competitive with other people, so I focus on having fun more than winning. I can be very competitive with myself though, so sometimes I try hard to break my own records or push myself just a bit harder. If, coincidently, I end up beating everyone else, too, thats just as well

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    I've avoided most team sports because I always felt when I was younger that I was a burden to my team with my awkwardness.

    But I played a year of basketball in college and with my long arms and legs was a good wall if nothing else!

    Ran track in high school and that worked for me.

    I do better at one-on-one stuff.

    For a while I played league billiards for the college and on bar teams and that worked for me.

    These days I'll pay something like volleyball if I'm asked and no longer feel so self-conscious about it. Just have to do it for fun, though.
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    I was decent enough to enjoy sports and be picked fairly early in the gym class team selection process (when it was required that captains choose boy/girl/boy/girl). But I think that mostly came from enthusiasm and willingness to get dirty, so to speak, when required. As far as actual talent and coordination go? Really not much there at all. Swimming and skiing are the only things that I've ever been remotely good at, and those are more about internal movement than hand-eye coordination.

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    I was horrendous at team sports in school. It was deeply embarassing and humiliating. Volleyball and baseball were probably the worst.

    I could have been decent at long distance running if I'd enjoyed it, but it was never anything I was that drawn to.

    Was good at ballet.

    Am really good at climbing (rock-climbing).
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    Sports - No. Never.
    Coordination - Heck yeah. FPS games are like crack to me. I love seeing boys run from me - its awesome.

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