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    I find all this talk about INFPs and their lack of assertiveness to be very odd. Maybe there's some confusion between leadership and assertiveness endemic in these definitions?

    Regarding leadership: I don't mind being a leader, but I'm usually more open to someone else being a leader (usually an Extroverted type) because I can accept that not only will be s/he be good in that role, but s/he will enjoy it more than I will. I have no pride/ego issues in that regard. However, I have no problem being assertive when assertions need to be made. In fact, I have frequently been accused of being bolshy because I'm so obstinate about things when I feel forced to go so far as to speak out against something.

    Quote Originally Posted by digesthisickness View Post
    the ones i've known aren't easy to push around. also, from what i've ascertained, even when it looks like they're being pushed, it's only because they decided that it's okay in that instance. which isn't being pushed around.
    This is quite accurate. A lot of the time "leaders", for want of a better term, revel in their role and, as such, develop a degree of pomposity due to their role. I'm unlikely to speak out against this, because it's simply easier "to go with the flow". However, is such egoism gets to the point of being a corrupting force, or undermining the goals/aspirations of the group, then I am likely to say something.
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    Hummm...I was talking to my "INFP" last night and he told me that he took the Myers-Briggs test (years ago) and was actually an "ISFP"...wha????? He seems so INFP! So I guess take everything I said in this topic and change "INFP" to "ISFP".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adasta
    I find all this talk about INFPs and their lack of assertiveness to be very odd [...] I have no problem being assertive when assertions need to be made.
    i think the bold is part of why. NFPs just don't see the need to make assertions as much as Fe and Te types do, plus INFPs are usually fairly quiet. others mistake this as the INFP not speaking up even though they want to, because others would want to speak up in that situation. they're wrong, of course, in that an INFP might very well not want to say anything, and that's why they're not saying anything. it's misread as lack of assertiveness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    (That last one is Socionics, so be sure you are still an INFP under that system.) The problem is that all four types are pretty dominant, so it can be pretty easy to get steamrolled by any one of them. However, if you are able to hold your own with them, the dynamic can be pretty amazing.
    Slight derail, but actually, ESTps are potentially needy in socionics. It's said that they may often try to find confirmation on the status of their relationships. The kind of person who needs someone to tell them they're great, that they love them a lot. They are not the strongest F types obviously, but they do value partners who are vocal and expressive with their emotions (Fe in socionics). You've seen these type of boyfriends or girlfriends out there. Very much extroverted, active, confident sensor types, but in relationships they could be the attention hungry one, asking "Baby, do you love me?" every couple of hours. Heh. The only steamrolling quality about them is that they may push and create situations to get attention with people (which could be positive or negative. I mean, take Madonna for example. She uses her drive and need for attention in a creative, performing sense. Perhaps an ESTP in a workplace would do something similar in how they get a project rolling. They're just kind of take charge and loud like that. It has nothing to do with demeaning others though. INFPs don't need to worry about them).

    That said, their dual is an INFp, but more than likely, MBTI INFPs aren't socionics INFps. I think they're INFJs much of the time. Some could be INFPs, but it seems to me that the MBTI INFPs are a little more in their own world in comparison. Time and again, I hear them talk about not being very expressive or proactively sociable with people. That's probably more like the socionics INFj, a Fi type (and in that case, the dynamic with their ESTj dual is entirely different).

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    I love INFP males and they seem to dig me too. Without a doubt the type that's most consistently attracted to me.

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