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    Step aside and let me guess instead, this is what I do. The rigidity of women has always been there, the difference is our reaction. Why should someone being rigid bother you, unless you actually want to be around them. If so, then realize that it's their problem and not yours first, then you can actually be of help. Now many men are asking this question, if not others, about women today and the answer is this: If you live like a man and go around as one as well, then women will stop being rigid just to be around you. Also, if it bothers you, call them on it and tell them to stop. No one should be that way for any reason if it offends others, and women actually like it when men stand up for what's right, even when they don't like it.

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    Oh- I worked with one of those.. probably the reason why I left the job (since she had seniority)..

    It doesn't matter what we do to try to cheer them up. In fact, I find that the more we try, the more they just distrust us- so it's nearly impossible to really get to them (in a positive way). By no means am I going to sit there and be all Mother Teresa and try to *fix* their problem.

    If someone's mind rigid/just an overall prick to you, there's nothing that can be changed. Only they can change if they want to. If they've already made an unfair pre-judgement about you for whatever reason, then it's their problem.

    Best antidote is to just be yourself, no matter what. Your happiness is way more important!

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