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Frank, you're not going to to get your questions answered. The least preferred function of an INFP is Thinking, as a result many are led to demonize many ideas associated with Thinking. They often get upset when matters of Thinking are applied directly to their personal lives. Hence, such INFPs will interpret your thread as an attempt to analyze them, which strikes them as a grave evil.

If you want to understand INFPs, you need to observe them on your own, and carefully analyze them on your own endeavor. You will not understand the INFPs by discussing with them, because discussion inevitably introducing Thinking into the matter which they loathe. In short, do not be trying to have a reasonable discussion with INFPs on this board. That is very naive of you. They will almost always find a way to misunderstand your message, attribute sinister motives to your intentions and assume this is all some kind of an underhand attack on their character. Some INFPs will not behave in such a fashion, yet they will still fail to provide answers to your questions. In order to give you the answers that you are seeking, one must carefully think through the problem you have posed. Most INFPs on this board are not skilled enough at this activity to answer the question.

Just give up on this, do your own research.
This looks like a good start at insulting and offending INFPs already.
Assuming I can´t think straight because I take social and emotional consequences into consideration when making decisions isn´t very sound reasoning to say the least.

But back to the original question:

example #1: As a child I got so upset whenever injustice was portrayed in a book or movie that it caused almost physical pain and in a way I still do. I am not so much talking about social unjustice in general as "big picture" circumstances but about specific cases of ill treatment of a fictional character based on a false perception of a situation (the good old Hitchcock style wrong man)

example #2: I have a friend who is very much into esoterics and don´t even try to argue with her. I accept her for the lovable bucket of crazy she is and stay calm. But my ex, who is a math student, a conviced atheist and a rationalist has this peculiar habit of defending homeopathy and this got us into more than one ferocious fight ... it is not so much the different opinion that got to me but the fact that someobody I had pidgeonholed as a very rational person defended something I still consider highly irrational - it was the rupture in my world view (or my view of him) that shook me up! Puzzle pieces not fitting together ... ahhhhh!

So at least for me the answer would be: cognitive dissonance!