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    Default infj isfp a prosperous relationship combo?

    i think (but only by reading descriptions of isfp strengths and weaknesses) i'd be happy in a serious relationship with an isfp.
    or do i have the right idea?
    or some of the right ideas?

    i wish i could somehow NF + SP begin this thread simultaneously...
    but i suppose it's the input of other infjs would be most relevant.

    i haven't been in a serious relationship in a looooooooong time and this newfound world of personality type community business is offering many new ways to look at things.
    So you were born, and that is a good day.
    And someday you'll die and what a shame.
    But somewhere in the between, theres a life in which we all dream,
    And nothing and no one will ever take that away.

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    The INFJ's and ISFP's make good roommates apparently. We live well together. There's something about the INFJ, that loves and appreciates those who "DO" and don't need to explain themselves because they just "ARE". Sort of, an internal never even questioned self-confidence that the ISFP has, and the INFJ, wishes it were more like, because life would be so much easier and less complex....wouldn't it. I think the ISFP's bring the pie in the sky INFJ's complexity of life, and simplify life and living, back down to earth.

    INFJ: IN, EF, IT, ES
    ISFP: IF, ES, IN, ET

    ISFP's express their dominant introverted feelings based on what they sense the world is naturally like, the ES used to explain the dominant IF, very evident in Ashton Kutcher. Like I said, ISFP's are unabashedly confident in who they are, which is very attractive to the INFJ, who is often caught in self contradictory mind jam. Absolutely a balancing effect between the two. Again, a lot of things depend on upbringing, culture, and personal interest to determine the extent to which any pairing, can co-exist.

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    Don't let personality type get in your way. What do you like about her?

    My theory is that introverts can live together, regardless of other "letters." You both have to recharge alone etc, so it should be fine. The fact that this person is a feeler will make things easier, you won't hit a wall of uneasyness when it comes to discussing emotional things.

    Go for it.
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

    sCueI (primary Inquisition)

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    I don't think there is an ISFP in mind, judging by the way he posed his first sentence.

    Eh... what is the point in hearing a yes or a no? Life doesn't work that way.

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    My best friend is an ISFP. She gets me without me having to say a word, and always has wonderful, sensible, non-partial advice. And to add to paisley's comments, which I find so true, especially in the sense that she makes things simpler for me... but I can also keep her on track by letting her see more positive outcomes and help her find perspective when she gets overly anxious over silly things like vaccination shots and minor details. And like I appreciate her "just do it" attitude, she loves how I can see infinite possibilities and sits there starry eyed when I start talking metaphysics, and admires how much I think things out before I act since she knows it means I'll never regret my actions. And for some reason she finds it adorable and charming when I space out or have "oblivious to my environment" moments.

    So from personal experience.. A+++ interaction.
    Forming characters! Whose? Our own or others? Both. And in that momentous fact lies the peril and responsibility of our existence. - Elihu Burritt

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