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I'm not a male and am a borderline E/INFJ, but I feel the need to clarify some points.

1. No way am I talking to you first if I really like you. I'll be too shy to do it and will be spending all my time sizing you up and trying build up the courage just to walk past you without visibly shaking/sweating/freaking out.

If I think you might be easy to blow smoke on, I may tease you first, after determining that you'd rather die than look at me - that's strictly reserved for the INTPs. I want to see if you have any fight in you. I won't have you receding from me. You better look at me before I eat you.

If you're ENTP, you will already have flipped me on my shell and will be tugging, biting, poking, taunting me. I won't have to make the first move. You will tell me that I'm your girl now and I best accept it, and I'll say "You're right" and you'll say brightly "Well, of course I am!"

5. EVERYONE finds their groove ultimately..
the bolded has to be the best ENFJ line ever! I loled pretty hard.

I think the E does matter. Maybe it is my attitude. I am not self-conscious and will flirt and initiate enough so the man can ask me out. Part of the extroversion meaning the world is external and I want to go make it happen and being energized by that. I don' take romantic rejections personally so I have a fearless attitude, albeit appropriate. If the guy doesn't like you, its their loss. If you can believe that in your gut of guts then flirting is easy and dating is fun and a way to get to know and appreciate others and yourself.
I might not be typical here.

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