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    Default Question of morality... or something

    Well, I've just written a topic about European gas crisis, and interesting issue emerges here, so I write a separated topic about it.

    You can take a look at that thread about European gas crisis if you want here:

    OK, so let's get to the point.
    In short - Russia stopped gas supply to the Ukraine (because they have their issues...), but, therefore, other countries using Ukraine pipeline were cut off too.

    I have met arguments like "Oh, what we have to do with their fucking conflict", or "They can't do that", or "We are innocent, it's unfair from Russia that we must suffer because of their conflicts"

    BUT, there emerges that morality question:
    Russians have right to claim their truth... but maybe better example will be one with strikes....
    Imagine railways are striking because of low salaries. So the trains don't go anywhere and you can't get anywhere by train. What would be your reaction? Would it be like "Oh, what I have to do with their fucking strike? I need to get somewhere with that train."?
    Most striking opinions are "It's unfair for us, people". But you know, these train drivers and all that staff are fighting for their rights (for reasonable salary) and it's like you told them into the face "I can give a fuck about your rights". Do you understand now?

    So, what's your attitude in these situations? Do you support the striking side (fighting for their rights), even if it cause you a discomfort (like inability to get somewhere by train)
    Or do you despise such situations, and think that though they (striking side) have they rights, this is not the proper way, and they shouldn't hamper public activities?

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    Everyone is entitled to act in their own self interest, within reason. It's not a morality issue.

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