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    Yes. My lung is a INFP.
    My liver is a ESTJ tough, and they really don't get along together.

    If you mean on the spiritual philosophical abstractical meaning, no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild horses View Post
    Do we ENFPs actually keep an INFP locked up inside like a caged animal?? Strange question I know but so many ENFPs that I speak to have said that they feel as though they are in fact INFPs or are at least confused by the term extrovert when it is applied to them? They do not think it appropiate somehow.

    Also there seems to be a common story emerging amongst the ENFPs that I have had contact with IRL, As very young children they seemed to display definite INFP traits which were either trampled on by parents or schools etc. They then went on to develope a false sense of confidence to make a better fit into the world. Most of the ENFPs mention a particular time in their lives when they chose to be more confident. This process could be simply maturity, something that happens to us all, it could even be an explanation for extraversion in general. Have other Es had a similar experience?

    I do know that the difference bewteen ENFP and INFP is not simply a difference in extroversion and introversion but I think that more so than many other types, the lines between ENFPs and INFPs are blurred.

    What are your thoughts or experiences?
    omg this sounds so much like me. although it really sounds more like an INFP with an ENFP inside than the reverse. I do remember a time in 8th grade were I all of a sudden decided "no, I WILL get what I want, I WILL do what I want, I WILL be who I want!" from then on, I gradually became more assertive, more forceful, more gregarious and more confident. sometimes I feel like I'm Robery Downie Jr. on the outside and Joan of Arc on the inside. when I get really mad, this side comes out and my friends are like "wow, I didn't even know people like you were real" (this is probably an Fi thing. when angered, Fi begins talking in a formal, authoritative and unusually poetic way that is much more dramatic, intense and idealistic than what people are used to. if you pull it off, most people will be left extremely surprised and confused)

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    INFP has secondary Ne and they act like ENFP when they let it out to play.
    ENFP has secondary Fi and they act like INFP when they defend themselves with it.

    incidentally, high-demand social situations can drain me too. too much Fe'ing.
    Well I'm not an ENFP but.. I'm saying no to the question anyways :p

    As a child, I was very outgoing around people I was familiar/comfortable with compared with strangers I was totally shy/quiet. When I was in school, during classes I was totally silent... but when I was out on the playground with my friends, I was totally outgoing and loud (teachers were a bit puzzled by this). As I grew older... I had to force myself & learn to be more extroverted around people(I didn't know well) to be more friendly. So now, the current friends I have... When they first got to know me, they all thought I was very extroverted and not an introvert at all because I could be friendly & talkative with everyone even if I didn't know people well (but that's just me acting & trying really hard to appear that way). This extroversion does not come naturally to me, I have to put a lot of effort into it so I get really drained after socializing for awhile. I need to go and recharge myself or I get a bit irritated and annoyed XD... The more people I have to deal with, the more drained I become (especially if it's people I don't know well)... this is why I prefer one-one, or a small group of close friends.

    Even though I love people's company sometimes, can talk a lot with those I'm comfortable around, and can appear outgoing because I try to be friendly with most people.. I Know I'm not extroverted. I've never had a hard time figuring out if I was more I or E because naturally I have no problems keeping to myself(sometimes prefer it.. I can for the most part entertain myself) and usually get drained by the presence of people instead of being energized. Just thinking about going to a party full of strangers can make me feel dread/panicky too . Being alone can be very peaceful and energizing to me and comfortable. I sort of seek people out when I have energy to put up with them instead of seeking them out to get me going.

    Therefore, I'm naturally like an INFP (because I am naturally very quiet and reserved) but when someone tries to get to know me, I may seem like an ENFP in how I communicate & act. So it may seem like I'm an INFP that keeps an ENFP locked inside?? which is not true... therefore ENFPs keeping an INFP locked inside probably isn't true either. probably just very borderline I/E maybe, that could be why it's hard for them to determine.
    "You may be one person to the world, but to one person you may be the world."

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