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    Default INFP Career- Realtor?

    Sorry if this is misplaced, but I didn't see a career specific board.

    I've thought about this a few times in the past, but now I really want to go for it. My dream is to be a novel writer- and I'm going to write. But- right now, working in IT- my soul is slowly being drained away, along with my precious time (6 years here!!!). I have to get out, and waiting for a best seller to pop out is about as smart as investing my RRSP in lottery tickets, at this point.

    I figure if I were to be a writer, I'd also want a part time job as well, to get out of the house- one thing that I'd LOVE to do is be a realtor. Is this really a bad job for an INFP? My father in law (or almost, anyways) is a realtor, so I have an in, so to speak. I have someone who would help me and coach me. I should mention that though I'm an I, I do have strong E tendencies. I've come out of my shell quite a bit since high school.

    Sales appeals to me because I want to work flexible hours, and be responsible for how much I make. If I don't make any money, it's because I'm not working hard enough. I also love houses- I love going to opens, viewing new places, etc. I do like to meet new people, but that's the hardest part for me. Asking people for their business. As an INFP, I'm not very direct- I'd want to make sure people were 100% happy, and not push them to buy. Makes a good realtor, I think, but not a good sales man. Maybe I could learn to market myself, and get a good network of clients?

    So... any realtors out there who are INFP's, who would talk to me about it? My mother in alw is a career counsellor, said I'd be great at it,a nd should go for it- then int he next breath, told me it's a great job tohave when raising kids cause it's so flexble. That kind of turned me off (I'm 25, not ready for kids, she's pushing for grand kids, lol). On the flip side, she's been teaching MBTI if it was a bad choice for me, I think she'd have said so. On the other hand, she knows I hate my current job, and that I just want to get out. I've been taking personality tests for years, trying to find my ideal job. I don't thin there is one- for me, anyways. I don't really WANT to work. If I had the choice, I wouldn't do anything (I'm bad- but also burnt out from current job). me, selling houses doesn't sound like work. It looks like fun. Am I crazy? I ahve seen it first hand, I know you have to work some weekends and nights. And are you really helping people? Isn't that the INFP goal, to make the world a better place?

    As usual, I'm a bit confused. It would cost me $3,000 to get my license (after course & license fees) and take about 4 months. I would have to sell one condo/house a month to make what I'm making right now. Sounds like a plan.

    Or is it? I know me- I get all these ideas, and try all these things. I took diving lessons, motorcycle lessons, took up quilting (Well, i bought the stuff, never did make it). I have a new interest every week. And I kick myself for getting into things I can't get out of. I don't wan to waste 3,000 that I can't afford. I want to make sure it's something I'd at least somewhat enjoy doing. Other than reading reael estate mags,my only other interests are reading and traveling. Whats a girl to do?

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    There's a thread called Academics and Career.

    Interviewing present realtors is a great idea. I don't think it's very difficult to become a realtor. However, there's a real mortgage problem these days, with buyers having to jump through incredible hoops to get financing. So it might be good to check out the market and see how tight loans are in your area, which would affect your ability to sell houses, at least for the immediate future.

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    I think an INFP would make a great realtor if he/she didn't have to actually sell houses. Or compete with the multitude of other realtors vying for customers.

    An INFP probably would be able to get in tune with what customers want, though.

    As for the schedule, I think it's mostly nights and weekends -- that's when people aren't working and would be able to look at houses.

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    If you're good smoozing and making people feel good about themselves then it'd probably work out. If you find dealing with strangers on daily basis draining, then it'd be harder I'd think. Part of being salesperson is making people like you and engendering their loyalty, at least that's my impression. Also being able to inject enthusiasim into the situation.

    I'd read that book on how to win friends and influence people and ask yourself if you think you'd be good at that sort of thing.

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    Default "Do What You Are"

    "Do What You Are" is a great MBTI career book. I would suggest reading it before you jump into anything. Matching your personality with your interests and your values is something the book and your mother-in-law could probably help you with. Realty would take a little too much assertiveness and "shmoosing" for me, but i'm not you. Good luck!

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