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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyJaye View Post
    There's a chinese saying that people in love are like two creatures who chime together, like being the same note on a scale. Or resonating as one sound. I think that's very true. I feel that with INFJ's. It's some sort of unspoken commonality.
    that's a beautiful image. i just want to smile and repeat the old saying that the chinese are confucians by day and taoists by night.

    infj lives in an imagined universe. it's introverted. it requires great concentration like juggling to keep it going or it all falls down. we have intense focus, we have to strain and use an enormous amount of effort and travel further and further from the center to keep expanding the inner universe. to light the city streets at night and explore its back alleys. the bigger the illumination the better, the more complex the dream/vision becomes, the more detailed, and the more perfectly articulated.

    when someone else can get into that, break thru and help us connect our imagination to the real world, can recognize WHERE we are (locate us), help us arrange the details and colour in the things we in our concentration miss, we are forever grateful.

    the dynamic also has the two sides of the same coin feeling. enfp is expansive and actualized whereas infj is concentrated and virtual. like a pool of potential possibility waiting to be tapped, detonated, roped into the real world, etc.

    nf is great and our differences of attention in expressing it is stunningly complimentary.

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    OP - quite.
    I N V I C T U S

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