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    I think the whole 'good' vs 'evil' thing might come up more if you had a religious background. I don't know about the evil, but I see life in terms of doing your best to be a good person.
    We're faced with a billion choices every day, and probably about 99.99% of them are totally inconsequential. But I believe every now and then something important comes up, and when it does, I automatically switch to a right-wrong (or good-evil) dialogue.

    Strong values, call them whatever you will, but that's being an enfp is all about.
    What's up universe?

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    It is an interesting question, and I find it highly relevant to INFP. The type that is probably most likely to question "What is good?" and trying to live a life congruent with that idea.
    I don't think it is neccesarily a religious thing. Its something a lot more internal. Maybe most INFp won't agree that there is a constant struggle, but you have to admit that Fi is constantly reshaping itself and deciding what it is that is good to that individual.
    Now the type descriptions? I don't like the way they talk about it sense it seems like it talks of fictional examples. I've said it many times but I think INFx descriptions are the fluffiest I've ever seen.

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    ^ urgh, yea seriously.. that whole princess/prince of fairytales thing I read sometimes is even too fluffy for me to handle.

    For myself, I never explicitly thought of battles between good and evil like a devil and an angel on my shoulders. I suppose more closely, the question is, is what I'm doing the better thing?

    A weird thing though, when I was younger, I kind of imagined people in abstractions of different balances of good/bad. Like some people had more good in them, some people had more bad in them--the good would be white coloured, the bad would be black coloured (shit that sounds racist, it's not.. I mean like yingyang looking thingies)--but there would always be a sort of equal distribution in all. I think this was a weird way of idealising fairness in the world or something. And I think thats the strongest distinction of good/evil that I've ever applied to anything.

    Otherwise, good and evil has never looked like an obvious spectrum to me. Morality is awfully confusing sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRT View Post
    So one of my good friends (INFP) and I were talking the other day and however it came up She was telling me how there's a good versus evil battle going on inside her head and usually believes that good will prevail. So anyways I was just wondering if this is a norm for NF's because being the strong S that I am I can't really relate.
    Yes, I think I know what this is. A deep-rooted sense of melancholy (evil) with the understanding that there is always knowledge from experiences (positive) to build on.

    To other posters: I don't believe that she really meant to say "good v evil". For an infp to present thoughts so explicitly means, to me, that there is lack in fluidity of communication.

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    I don't follow that way of thinking. I have good thoughts and bad thoughts on a lower scale than a grand one like good vs evil.

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