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    Well, I never really thought of it as a hierarchy but I do losely think of people in the following terms:

    Friends with a big F
    Friends with a little F
    Acquaintances whom I like
    Acquaintances of whom I have no opinion
    Strongly disfavored people
    People I don't know but would like to know
    People I don't know and don't want to know
    People I don't know and am completely indifferent of

    People just sort of slot in where they belong, but this is the only heirarchy that I do--and I think I do it to protect myself...I've been hurt a lot in the past by people I thought were friends...

    It came about in law school, before that I never really thought about it--maybe the hellish social nightmare that is law school requires this? I haven't really thought about it much since then, to be honest.
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    people to save in life/death situations where I must choose: whoever seems to be enjoying their lives the most, or will have a better future or whatever

    Otherwise...people...are equal in the sense that they are just more living things to me (I was going to say people are dispensible, but that's not vanilla enough to stop me from getting carried away).

    I have stuff with sentimental value,'s not something I think about. The whole hierarchal list thing.
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    I don't have any heirachy, execpt for friend, aquaintance, foe, or unknown when it comes to people. And if the house was on fire I would simply grab my handbag, and the black box near the door that has all important documents, and I'm gone, the things I want to save from the fire are my kids, and myself, the house and all that's in it could burn, I have no prized possessions, I might mourn for my book collection, but I have mourned more than one book collection in my life already, i learnt long ago that it doesn't pay to become attached to any material object.

    I have seen people become majorly depressed over losing material things, and to be honest I find it quite shocking lol.

    I think like gatsby said, it's a P vs J thing.

    EDIT: I would hate to have to choose which one of my friends would be saved, I am not sure how that would go at all.
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    I try to get people what they would like. If it's over $20 they are not an acquaintance, but it mostly depends on their favorite junk. For some, I can make their gift myself. Mind, gift giving depends on my mood, as I can't remember when special occasions are.
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    4. Everyone of never met or use to know but now have no opinion on them either way
    5. People I wish would jump in front of a bus or fall out of a window in a tall building.

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    No hierachies that are obvious to me. Impulse, consideration of fairness and equality tend to rule how I would decide. As far as presents would go. It's mostly a case of you'll get a nice present from me if I find something that I know you'd like. If I can't think of anything personal or that you'd enjoy then I'm not going to put much cost in...even if I care about you. It usually means a person gets a crap present for a few years and then suddenly I think of something great and more than I should really spend and just have to get it for them.

    I rarely have a favourite of anything, just preferences. I kind of hope that cliff scenario doesn't happen. I'd end up not being sure and then both would die. Ah, but I guess neither would feel left out right?

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    I do have a bit of a hierarchy, but not terribly strict. Mostly there are just acquaintances, friends, and good friends. There are three levels, and most people are near the bottom. I tend to allow people to reach the top faster if they seem very interesting, caring, trustworthy, I have a good feeling about them, etc. I'm good at organizing my relationships, my arguments, and my ideas, but not so much my external physical world. If I'm not inviting people over or going anywhere, I might fail to keep things clean, because it ceases to affect my Fe reality, and Ni couldn't care less about external reality. Does that make sense?

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    Acquaintances (People with whom the conversation goes "Hi." "Hi." "How are you?" "Ok-I have to go." "Bye.") Friends are people that I have actual conversations with when I see them, and good friends are people with whom I make an especial effort to stay in contact with. And then there's family.

    Anytime I'm not having real conversations with someone, that moves them into the acquaintance category.
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