In my books, there is such a thing as right and wrong, and black and white, but there are sooo many shades of grey in between. I see everything in context. And I will only hold myself to my own notions of right and wrong, except when someone really goes pitchblack and even then, I will still try to understand and imagine where the other is coming from. I refuse to judge. There's always a motivation for why someone does something. Now, people I have to live with, such as boyfriends and to a certain extent, friends, I make sure I understand what their beliefs are and I negotiate clear agreements on what is accepted and what is not. Break those, and you'll find me judging you big time, as you've then violated my trust. Chances are I will distance myself from you or shut you out of my life alltogether.

I guess the fact that NF's try to empathise and understand others, makes us unwilling to judge anyone, unless they really violate our own beliefs and idd get in our way, for instance by forcing us to follow their example.