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    Default Here is a really cool test dealing with symbolisms.

    I love learning about things and understanding myself and the world through symbolisms and archetypes and thought that this was a really interesting test that a friend of mine introduced me to and thought maybe you all might like to take it and share your results.

    test= Jungian-Archetypes

    how to interpret answers= Archetypal Healing Dream Symbols

    Here are my answers as part of the sharing experience,lol.

    Favorite wild animal and why:
    White Wolf, they are loyal to their packs and have a playful nature about them. They are beautiful, strong, wild, and vulnerable to the outside world but have a rich inner world with their own society. They are vagabonds and nomads and are versatile. I have nightmares about them sometimes but they fascinate me in a good way as well and I have respect for them.

    Domestic animal:
    Dog. They are loyal, playful, and are almost symbiotic companions. They are in tune with their owners, humble, and are true blue friends. They are comforting and loving and are able to be protective of and vulnerable with their owners. Not many animals would give their life for you, but a dog would and that to me is very amazing and beautiful.

    Pine. It is very consistant and has so much life that not even the cold winter can take away its color and vibrance. It is simple but superbly resiliant and is a symbol of perseverance.

    The yellow and orange-ish Ranuncula's. I love their many layers and vibrance. I love how they are so fragile that they die within a few hours of being picked. They are so rich, full, and delicate. They look like little bursts of sunshine.

    Body of water:
    Ocean. I love how the ocean affects the whole world above it and has a whole world below it. It is like a whole alien world under the ocean. I love how vast and powerful it is. Being alone in the middle of the ocean would have the same effect to me as being alone in the middle of outer space. I love how it seems tempermental and can go from calm to stormy in a matter of minutes. It is mysterious, nurturing, and uncontrollable. God's divinity seems a kindred dynamic to the ocean.

    Green. It is just very calming and yet vibrant. I love pink and green together especially. It is cheerful, reflective, calming and energetic all at the same time to me. It just has a profoundness to it and simple complexity.

    Favorite food:
    7 layer burritos and sweet and sour chicken. I don't know why but they go together like peanut butter and jelly. I like how the flavors interact and how there are plenty of sauces that really seem to go together. The spicyness of the taco bell with the sweetness of the cherry like sauce of the sweet and sour chicken. Everything just goes together so well and there is a plethura of textures and sauces and spices.

    Describe what you would do in a white room, if you could do anything or bring anything into it you want:

    I would paint every bit of it probably with murals or really detailed stenciled work and just cover everything. I would have a different theme for every wall. I would bring in different furniture and decor that coincided with each theme with each wall. I would hang out with my closest friends and family and show them what I did and the meaning behind everything and just hang out and play games and have fun.

    Describe how you would feel if you were locked in a white room with nothing in it but a simple wooden bench on which you were sitting naked, waiting:

    I would pace back and forth for one thing and would feel very insecure and uncomfortable and scared, I wouldn't like being naked and alone like that.
    I would probably try taking apart the bench as a way of occupying or distracting my mind and making possible weapons,lol. I would probably be thinking of every possible scenario of how to react to whoever walked through the door and what or who to prepare for as well.
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    Favorite wild animal:
    I like the Monkey, because he is clever and mischievious and quick and cunning. Also the monkey's habitat could be either land or air. He is a land mammal that can swing through the trees thereby overcoming the natural limitations of other animals. They live in the air but not like birds or other animals. Monkeys do their own thing. Also they fling poo at others which can be a lot of fun.

    Favorite domestic animal
    A horse is useful and can do so many things. A strong horse can pull a plow. It can run fast. It is effective by itself or in a team. Horses are strong and loyal while being smart enough to not run off a cliff. Horses appear strong, majestic, valuable and desirable.

    Favorite tree:
    I have a gigantic oak tree in my front yard. It's ancient, strong and huge. I like to wonder about when it was formed and what was surrounding it instead of my house when it first sprouted. I like to hug my tree. Something that old should be cherished. I don't want to see it ever torn down.

    Favorite Body of Water:
    Rivers are fast and strong. Rivers are useful providing hydroelectric power to people. The current of a river can be powerful, and yet it is still gentle enough to hold a complex multitude of life. River water is beautiful because it is clean. The constant flowing removes impurities. A river can be overpowering while still maleable enough to go around unmoving objects.

    Favorite color:
    Green is moderate. It is full of life, while not being overpowering like red. Green is energetic while still being cool and peaceful. Green is like the forest which can provide life and shelter to a wide variety of animals. Green has room to include everyone and everything.

    Favorite Food:
    My wife's chicken pot pie is the best. It has all the different kinds of food in it blended together in a delicious way. She has also discovered just the right spices and way to cook the crust to make it just perfect. Also the food is better because I know that she made it just for me from her love for me.

    Favorite Flower:
    I like roses because they are beautiful to look at. Regardless of color red, white, lavender, etc... I find them to be beautiful.

    What I'd do to a white room:
    I'd bring in a computer or entertainment center. I could play lots of different video games and invite people over to play with me. It would be endless fun.

    What I'd do while waiting naked:
    I'd feel something like, "Ah well, since I have nothing better to do I should go back to thinking about what I was considering before." That would be the best way to entertain myself until the thing I was waiting for came through the door.
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    i checked off monkey, tiger, and other. the other was a bird. monkey bc theyre fun and mischievous, tiger because you just don't fuck with tigers, and a bird becausee they have freedom.

    my habitat was the sea. it's freeing like air but more substance

    domestic animal - bird, they're freeing and beautiful

    favorite tree - a maple...because it makes syrup..

    ocean - big and fun but secretive and i love the sound

    color - green...creative, calming, natural, fresh

    food - sushi, simple yet complex and delicious

    white room - repaint it, bring in games, tv, a bed, trampoline, whatever else it needs but it would be fun

    white room naked - i would feel bored and a bit silly.

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    Very cool test! My answers (evidently I want friends who self-regulate their food intake):

    Favorite wild animal: elephant. Elephants are wise, gentle, thoughtful. They bury their dead. They think. They feel. Elephant mothers care well for their children, and for a long time. I feel a kinship to elephants because there seems to be more going on than meets the eye. They rely on each other. I think elephants love. But they are also brave and not afraid to take care of business. The elephant is the strong, silent thinker.

    Favorite domestic animal: cat. Cats know about boundaries. Cats take care of themselves and ask for what they need. Cats are affectionate but not clingy or needy. Cats self-regulate their food intake. Cats are often playful well into old-age. Cats have a good grasp on the absurd.

    Favorite tree: willow. The willow forms a shelter. I used to play under willow trees as a child. The underneath of the willow tree was my home in my play. The willow is flexible. It guards what lies underneath its branches. Willow leaves are long and slender.

    Favorite body of water: the river. The river is dynamic. It is always moving and flowing and changing. But it has an identity and always stays the same in another way. The Eno river that I look at is the same Eno river that the Occoneechee saw hundreds and maybe thousands of years ago. Without the rivers there would be no water cycle and life would cease. Rivers carry life.

    Favorite color: violet. Violet is a lush, deeply beautiful color. It makes me think of the soft petals of a violet flower. It seems like a kind and loving color. When I was a child I loved purple and loving purple as an adult reminds me of what it was like to be a child.

    Favorite flower: the calla lily. It has clean, elegant lines. I love the way the green of the stem blends into the color of the petals, instead of there being a line where the colors change. The calla lily seems dignified and serene. You can't see the very inside of a calla lily so there is some mystery and unknown.

    Favorite food: salmon. My favorite food is salmon. When I eat salmon I feel as if I am bringing healthy proteins and fats to every cell of my body. I think of the fish that swam upstream to spawn the fish I am eating. That fish's instincts caused it to give birth to my dinner. I feel grateful to salmon for being so delicious and nutritious. Salmon is a pleasing shade of pink. You can marinate salmon in whatever you want to give it a different flavor each time you eat it.

    What I would do in the white room: I would paint the room a light shade of purple, perhaps lavender. I would hang art on the walls, but only a few pieces. I would put in a window on the sunny side, and a daybed by the window with a bookshelf beside it with all of the books I want to read. I would read and nap on the daybed. When I got tired of reading and napping I would do yoga on a mat on the floor.

    The white room with the wooden bench and me naked: I would feel exposed to the world, and nervous about what I was waiting for. I would wonder why I needed to be naked for what happens next. I would shift uncomfortably on the wooden bench.
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    Favorite Animal:
    I like ravens. I love the size and black color of the birds. I like how intelligent they are, how perceptive they seem to be, how they fly, how they speak. I think of an "eye" when I think of ravens, and I think of perception and wisdom. The power to fly above everything and see all of it at once is also appealing.

    (My other favorite animal is the bear: It is large, powerful, smart, furry, low-key, and has autonomy to go and do whatever it likes. Nothing has power over it; it has total freedom.)

    Favorite Domestic animal
    I like cats. I love how they are very autonomous, calm, cool, and collected. Very self-contained, sly. They are balanced, poised, can slip around without being heard or noticed if they so desire. Yet they are also beautiful to the eye, furry, and affectionate when they want to be. They can slip through the dark, pad silently about. They can see well in the dark. They always land on their feet. on the outside, they seem to be one way ... but internally there seems to be another whole world that outsiders only occasionally glimpse.

    Favorite Tree
    Sycamore tree, I love how tall and thick they get, I love how their bark peels off and the texture of the tree, I love how often the first 20-30 feet will go up without branches and then the whole thing just flowers.

    Favorite Body of Water:
    Probably a waterfall of any type, I love to watch the water as it flutters through the air, the torrent and drops flinging about in chaotic-seeming patterns all at once -- and hearing the roar of it and coolness of the breeze pushed outwards by it. There is just so much there to grasp, right beyond my reach.

    Favorite color
    I like the deepest darkest colors that seem vibrant with hidden life. (Blue is my overall favorite, but any color that is DEEP -- red, green, purple, even yellow -- attracts my interest.)

    Blue is calm, meditative, it has secrets that you can soak yourself in and lose yourself in.

    Favorite Food
    Pizza. Variety, a mix of tastes, lots of cheese and zing, and a good tasty chewy crust...

    What would I do in a white room?
    Part of me would be inclined to bring in paints and pens, to draw and color the walls with whatever comes to mind. ANother part of me would be tempted to sit and "rest" within the pristine nature of the room.

    What would I do naked in a white room, waiting?
    Would feel a bit cold, "clean," empty (in the positive sense), purified, able to imagine anything without the distractions, calm.
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    What is your favorite wild animal?
    Tiger - Because it's Powerful, feared and esthetically pleasing.

    What is your favorite domestic animal?
    Bird - Because it's cute.

    What is your favorite tree?
    Pine - Makes good furniture.

    What is your favorite body of water?
    Stream - It's always changing and flowing.

    Favorite flower
    Rose - Looks and smells nice.

    What is your favorite color?
    Blue -

    What is your favorite food? Describe why.

    Chicken - Chicken it tastes nice.

    Describe what you would do in a white room, if you could do anything or bring anything into it you want.

    Walk around in it, bring a woman into it, and alcohol, get pissed and have lots of sex to pass time.

    Describe how you would feel if you were locked in a white room with nothing in it but a simple wooden bench on which you were sitting naked, waiting.

    I would feel nervous, fear - but after a while I would ratonialze myself into not fearing anything, and just telling myself something will happen sooner or later lets just wait for it, because fear makes; false expectations appear real.

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    Thanks for posting this! This is so interesting. Here's what I wrote --

    Favorite animal
    Wolves are so majestic, and free, and beautiful. I have liked them for a long time, probably since I was ten years old. There is something so magical and mysterious about a wolf. They are aggressive only when need be -- they put up a front to show dominance instead -- and are often misunderstood for it. While they live in a pack and are sociable and friendly, there is something also solitary and independent about them. To me, the wolf represents power. They are powerful, strong animals. And besides all that, they are absolutely gorgeous.

    Favorite domestic animal
    While I own two cats, and I adore them, they are not my absolute favorite domestic animal. The horse represents strength, beauty, and freedom, and the horse can also be very affectionate. Riding them gives me a feeling of freedom that not much else does. It makes me feel connected to history -- another thing that I love -- and nature. If I could own a horse, I would in a heartbeat. Riding a horse makes me feel like I can be in another world for awhile. The horse is also harder to have than a cat or a dog, but they are so rewarding.

    Favorite tree
    I love willows mainly for their beauty. Their branches break a lot and they often have a lot of bugs in them, but they are so beautiful. They almost seem exotic, since not many people have them. I love the way the fronds hang and sway gently in the wind. I also love their size, but I'm not sure why.

    Favorite flower
    I love the hibiscus because it is so pretty and colorful. I don't live anywhere near Hawaii, so it is exotic as well. It's not like any flower that grows where I live.

    Favorite body of water
    I don't live near the ocean, so the ocean seems exotic to me. I've always wanted to see a sunset or sunrise over the ocean, but I've never gotten to. The ocean is so expansive, and I suppose that seeing a sunset over it must make one feel closer to the sky and sun in the distance (compared to seeing it over land, that is). The ocean also seems romantic to me, both in the literal "romance" sense and the nonliteral "exciting, different yet familiar" sense. The one time in my life that I've been in the ocean was pure heaven for me.

    Favorite color
    I love pink a lot, but violet seems exotic because it used to be the color of royals, and it just isn't used as often as red or most other colors are. It's also very pretty.

    Favorite food
    My mom's marinated chicken. It tastes like nothing else I've ever tasted because of the marinade, and it is delicious. Plus, I'll eat almost anything with chicken, since it's my favorite meat. And I love meat. And it's my mom's home cooking, which is always good.

    What I would do in a white room if I could do anything
    I would bring in every kind of drawing/painting/art utensil I could find (paintbrushes and paints, crayons, colored pencils, markers, chalk, pastels, etc.). I would cover all the walls -- and ceiling if I could manage it -- in art of all kinds; anything I could think to draw or paint. It would be my special room, and I would bring in a big, comfy armchair to sit in and lots of books to read while sitting in it. I would bring in a pretty floor lamp for lighting by the chair, and I would bring in tools to make huge windows in the walls so I could see outdoors. I would decorate the room and make it as decadent as I could. I would make sure that there was some way of playing music in the room, because I can't imagine life without music.

    What I would do if locked in a white room sitting on a wooden bench, naked and waiting
    I would be sweating from nervousness or fear or discomfort or stress or some emotion like that. I might be shaking. Of course, I might also just be sitting there, enjoying being free from the constraints of clothing or anyone seeing me. But I wouldn't be comfortable with being locked in a blank room with no windows and no decoration. That would be where the discomfort would set in. I would feel trapped, no matter how big the room. And what would I be waiting for? That's the question that might scare me, especially if I didn't even know the answer myself.

    When looking back on my answers, I realize that I used the word "exotic" quite a lot, but that's mainly because there wasn't a better word to use, and it perfectly captured the emotion I felt. Anyway, this was a fascinating test.

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    I managed to lose my answers. I was interested to know I answered the last question (What I would do if locked in a white room sitting on a wooden bench, naked and waiting) by saying that I'd feel confused but at the same time strangely peaceful and accepting.

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    so.. i deleted them because i though 'start again' might mean the exact opposite of what i know it to mean.... oops...erased everything...

    wild animal:
    i wanted to be an air tiger. a predator of grandeur that could escape the atmosphere once it developed a breathing apparatus of sorts.

    domesticated animal:
    i want friends like cats. in fact. i don't even need humans. just me and a colony of cats would be alright

    body of water:
    i said i loved all bodies of water. funny that i don't have questions about my sexuality any longer, like i did in the past at least. I just kind of... love everyone

    a birch tree because the bark is so smooth. sturdy. it's white and black and stands apart from other trees. incredibly easy to scale with it's branching pattern. a very good resource as well. i could live in it. as well as construct all materials necessary for my survival.

    couldn't pick just one.
    i'm just completely awed by any larger-than-life seeming flowers. those that grow in the deep deep depths of the deep deep forests.

    i chose blue because i know the pigment to no naturally occur (in nature). close to the UV end of the spectrum, not quite radiation emitting. it's the sky. also, it's the color of the planet from far far away.

    pizza (or anything italian for that matter. pastas difinitely) because i love cheese and tomatoes. and the endless combinations of pizza toppings. tomatoes can be made into a pulpy paste. or juiced, thin and runny. you can pick them when they're green and fry them breaded in bacon grease and it's an entirely different flavor experience.

    white room:
    i would wonder why/how i got there in the first place. was it my choice? i said i would depress/emboss different areas of the walls, make a construction project out of it, until the room no longer appeared uniformly white. i like shelves, and depth, and a stark white room sounds like a great place to express this. i don't know if i would paint it. i would have to have a rather inspiring, poetic reason for that. not because that's the only circumstance in which i'd allow myself to add colors, but because this specific room seems special and unique to me. a lot of considering would be happening in the space-altered white room. when i've finally prepared everything the way i like it and i'm feeling 100% comfortable, i'd probably find some more people to come in.

    naked on a bench:
    i would take the opportunity to get to know my body better, while i'm there and all. i'd be wondering why i'm there, how i got there. also wondering what others would be doing if presented with the same scenario.

    this was all very, very informative.
    a lot of things to think about. kind of gives me tools to correct things i may have believed before but never really had a deep, soulful opinion of.
    Last edited by jaku; 09-03-2009 at 05:23 PM. Reason: remembered more of what i wrote before i accidentally deleted it :(
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    Favorite wild animal: Leopard
    I like leopards because they are mysterious, stealthy, powerful, elegant in movement, lithe, have a gorgeous and distinctive coat, and solitary and quiet.
    Yeah, I am exotic and quiet

    Domestic animal: Cat
    Really, aren't most INFPs going to answer cat on this?
    Although, I prefer friends who are more consistent, outgoing, and friendly than a cat, I also associate cats with sincerity, loyalty, independence, intelligence, quirky personalities, dark "humor", and elegance. I definitely would like friends like that.

    Water: Ocean

    I like the ocean because it has that salty smell, vivid and changing color and transparency, the movement is varied & almost whimsical & romantic, yet it's consistent, it's vast and deep and powerful :eek:, and it's filled with all kinds of amazing lifeforms. Not sure how this all relates to my view on sex

    Favorite Food: Quiche, but I like too many things to have one favorite.
    I am very much a mood eater. I chose quiche because it is has a nice texture, is filling and satisfying without being heavy, it's got a decent balance of food groups (dairy, protein, grain, vegetables), a rich flavor & comforting smell, and there's something kind of sophisticated and charming about quiche (even the word).

    Favorite Tree: Palm Tree
    They make for a cool silhouette on the horizon. They are unique and almost iconographic. They remind me of home (CA), and the beach.

    Favorite Color: Red
    I also like purple and pink a lot. I like red because it's bold and intense and eye-catching.

    Flower: Giant Sunflower
    I like how they are almost exaggeratedly large and surreal. The bright yellow color is nice too. I also like red sunflowers a lot.

    White Room:
    I would paint it red and bring in some antique furniture and set up a creative space for myself. I might take photos in it while it's still empty and red, since I like the lighting and space in empty rooms.

    Locked in a white room, naked: I'd feel vulnerable, anxious to get out or get dressed, frightened of what may happen, and embarrassed.
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