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    What is your favourite wild animal?

    Lions have a certain tranquil quality to them, seem serene and non-apologetic about their existence. They seem laid-back to a point. They also seem as if they had plenty of integrity. They also seem a bit temperamental.

    What is your favourite domestic animal?

    Dog. Man's best friend. Loyal, funny, playful, genuine. They like petting, enjoy life and are genuine and need so little to be happy. They've got their priorities straight in my eyes.

    What is your favorite tree?

    Fir tree. Symbol of Christmas, transcends to peace, quiet, love, harmony. Winter, the branches reaching the ground from all the weight of the snow. Skiing in a snowy forest after dark in light of the glowing lamps surrounded with them. They're spikey, you have to pay attention to how you approach a fir tree. Respectful and majestic. They're very firm, takes a lot of windpower to make them sway.

    What is your favourite body of water?

    The deep, mysterious ocean. The biggest of the big, enormous. It's diverse, versatile. Home to many creatures, goes deeper than I could ever imagine. Layered. Soothing, but unpredictable. With the ocean you have the most possibilities, if you want to explore. It's a world I'll never fully understand, a whole world of its own. But it's beautiful. The coral reefs amaze me. Though ocean feels limited somehow and dense, there's so much space.

    What is your favourite colour?

    White. "Tabula rasa". It feels unstained. It has a calming effect and feels like the most comfortable, natural thing. I associate it with light and feels weightless, effortless. It feels like something that has no end anywhere and therefore I can't fully comprehend it. It's black turned inside out. I like how those two are the same but different and compliment each other.

    What is your favourite food?

    I can't decide. It changes, and then at some point I'll become bored and can't eat it again. But it'd be something crusty and soft, the perfect combination of dry and wet and flavour. Something fresh, the most fresh I could get. Something surprising, yet strangely familiar.

    Describe what you would do in a white room, if you could do anything or bring anything into it you want.

    A room? I'd bring a forest, a forest around it and a huge autumnly field that hasn't been harvested for a while, so the crops would be fairely long and the sun too, to shine on it and the wind blowing to my ear and my face. A couple of horses and cows. And that for as far as I could see and beyond that, mountains and country, neverending scenery of wilderness, always new places to discover.

    Describe how you would feel if you were locked in a white room with nothing in it but a simple wooden bench on which you were sitting naked, waiting.

    Huh... I think I'd be surprised, be worried and scared and anticipating. But I think human mind would be able to calm itself down and accept the situation. I'd possibly be intrigued because it is something we're not readily prepared for in our daily lives to experience, it's against everything we've build our realities dependent upon, a vague belief or more concrete "codal" system between human beings to feel safe. It would probably strip away all my more "superficial" emotions such as the confusion and self-consciousness of being there naked, the irritation I'd normally feel when forced into something very unpleasant etc and replace them with the more primal, innate emotions.

    Favourite flower?

    I don't know about flowers but I've always liked kidneyworts. They're small and elegant, and there's something fragile about them.

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    Favorite Animal: Most aren't exactly wild, but goats. They're quirky oddities of nature. They can be adorable or dangerous, despite often just being seen as a joke. That's pretty much me right there.

    Domestic Animal:
    Cats. I love cats, I love people who are independent. Some of my friends have been around for almost fifteen years now. We like each other because we weren't the type who followed trends or tried to fit into cliques. We were all unique and individual in different ways.

    Water: Stream. Haha, well, I'm not prudish by choice... but I am pretty much a hermit, so that's that. I honestly just really like streams because there's a serenity to them. Just a simple flow of water. Plus I live near the Gulf Coast and I have no interest in large bodies of water... bleck.

    Favorite Food: A REALLY GOOD SALAD. I'm a vegetarian, enough said. ^^;

    Favorite Tree:
    Willow. I'm not "weeping" by any means. I just think they're absolutely poetic trees. I could think of dozens of metaphors for it. They all bend a different way, have different hanging branches... I do like to be that strange artistic poet reading more "depth" than other people.

    Favorite Color: Orange. I like all earth tones and orange is on the edge of the earth tones. Orange is just unique... it can feel earthy or bold and I guess that relates to me?..

    Favorite Flower: Calla Lily... though I don't have a definite favorite really. Hell, wild flowers are great too.

    White Room: I'd go insane with creating the most insane murals. My dream is to cover buildings inside and out with murals. Hardcore murals.

    Naked in a Room: I'd feel horrified. More concerned about being naked than what may happen next. I am just as far away from a nudist as one person can be.

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