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    Quote Originally Posted by Coeur View Post
    Wow, this is accurate. O.o

    Tiger: They're beautiful, rare, elusive, cute, unique, striped, playful, intelligent, calculating, strong, fast, and they can swim.

    Dog: Loyalty, friendliness, smiling, playfulness, cuddliness, furriness [well, maybe not furriness XD], lovableness, intuitive.

    Oak: They're beautiful, classic, timeless

    Flower: CACTUS! Easier to take care of than other plants. I'm not able to kill it. XD

    Ocean: Summer waves, vigilance with the waves, predicting course with the waves, being knowledgeable about the waves and sealife, knowing how to handle the waves, inspirational setting

    Purple: Beautiful/pretty/stylish/interesting.

    Food: Mexican food. Tastes good. What I've always had. Eat it obsessively until I get full. XD

    Room: Color the walls/decorate the room so it isn't so boring! Maybe turn it into a place for someone to live or play in.

    Death room: Trapped, bored, awkward, out of place. Anxious, because I wouldn't know what I would be waiting for. I'd lose myself in my thoughts.
    of course it's accurate it's up to your own interpretation.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    of course it's accurate it's up to your own interpretation.
    I know, I just didn't expect it to work. XD
    Everybody needs love.

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    What is your favorite wild animal?
    I chose penguins.
    Penguins are cute and walk with an interesting gait. They are beautiful. They can survive in extreme conditions and work together to survive. They remind me of snow, skiiing, snowboarding because of the cold and the sliding. They are hard working and persistent and can survive the most difficult conditions. They play and swim I believe a few months out of the year, so their lives aren't completely horrible. They seem to love eachother and their offspring, and they appear to be a loving community. Although I think that most of their "love" behavior is just a means of survival.

    What is your favorite domestic animal?
    Dogs are intelligent. They aim to please. They want to take care of their owners, or at least when their owners are ill or upset they seem to stare up with loving and caring eyes and sit with them. They are fun. They like to have fun. Their lives are about eating, pooping, sleeping, love, and fun. They make good company. They hate cats. They can serve multiple practical purposes. Bringing the newspaper, leading the blind, herding cows

    What is your favorite tree? The weeping willow
    Can swing from the branches. Lots of shade. Beautiful and dramatic appearance during hurricanes. The memory that I have of them in house growing up. Majestic.

    What is your favorite body of water?
    Wild in storms. Memories. Refreshing when hot. More fun because of waves. (Boogy boarding, rafts, body surfing, sea kayaking, surfing.) The sound of the waves is soothing, especially when sleeping. The sound of the waves crashing at feet in moonlight. The way the moonlight shines on the ocean. Heals cuts. Ice cream. Reminds me of being a child again living next to the beach and going there every day. Carefree summers. Working at the hotel next to the beach. The way that it looks from airplanes. The sheer size of the ocean. Candy. The way that the salty air smells and feels and makes you sleep so well at night.

    What is your favorite color?
    Yellow. It is the color of the sun, the color of happiness, color of joy, looks good on me. Refreshing, warmth, caring, friendship

    What is your favorite food? Describe why
    Because its good. Its healthy and delicious and also fills me up.

    Describe what you would do in a white room, if you could do anything or bring anything into it you want
    I don't know. Depends on how long I would be there for. I would bring a few friends, some cards, and some alcohol, and some games, and some music. Some pillows or cozy chairs to sit on, and a table. Some blankets. See what happens from there.

    Describe how you would feel if you were locked in a white room with nothing in it but a simple wooden bench on which you were sitting naked, waiting.

    Depends on what I was waiting for. Probably a little uncomfortable. I would sit with my knees up and my arms crossing my legs. If I didn't know what I was waiting for I would be embarrassed and feel cold and depressed and tired. Maybe I would do some cartwheels to pass the time.

    OH, and the last one cracks me up a bit after I knew what it was looking for. XD Cartwheels apparantly.

    And yes I do walk funny.

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    Favorite Wild Animal
    Owls. Otherworldly creatures of the night, with a dignified gaze that peers into your very soul. Lonely creatures, too: they live all by themselves, hidden away in their dark tree holes until they venture out into the darkness.

    Favorite Domestic Animal
    Cats. Affectionate, calm and playful creatures with eyes like a seer's. Very low maintenance, for they're independent and intelligent, both of which traits I admire.

    Favorite Tree
    The Yew, with its twisted branches, its berries like fat drops of blood, and its association with graveyards, death, and the underworld.

    Favorite Flower
    The lotus, simply because it has such a rich body of symbolism and culture behind it. It's also pleasing in itself, how it floats so beautifully on the surface of the water while it shows its many nicely colored petals.

    Favorite Body of Water
    The ocean. With its size, its use for sailing, and what lies within it, there's no other body of water with so much symbolic potential. The ocean is also, in my case, a longstanding metaphor for life, in the way that, like life, the ocean is frightening and large, with no telling what may lie on the other side, and yet at the same time, one can learn to appreciate the voyage.

    Favorite Food
    Cheese-only pizza. It's the best-tasting thing I can think of that agrees with my stomach. Nothing complicated here.

    What is your favorite color?
    Blue. As to why I like this color, I could as easily tell you why I prefer strawberry to chocolate. The other colors that occur to me are red, because it reminds me of blood which is the most beautiful substance, and black-and-white stripes or checks because I find them pleasantly whimsical and somehow distinctive.

    Describe what you would do in a white room, if you could do anything or bring anything into it you want.
    I would lose my virginity in the best ways imaginable. I'll spare you the details.

    Describe how you would feel if you were locked in a white room with nothing in it but a simple wooden bench on which you were sitting naked, waiting.
    That would depend on what, if anything, I expect. If I were waiting to have sex with an attractive man, I would be nervous and excited. If I were waiting to be ushered out onto a public stage, I would be terrified. If I had no explanation, I would be equal parts frightened, frantic, and embarrassed.

    Okay. I just looked at the answer sheet, and I think I'll have to reject their guidelines. I can tell you I don't go for cheese-only sex.
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    I was lazy and just made lists.

    self: Elephant - social, matriarchal, familial, bonded, community

    friends: Dog - loyal, accepting, dedicated, symbiotic, caring, communication, sympathy, unconscious connection

    sexuality attitude: Stream - moving, clean, small, babbling, safe, refreshing, sparkling, life-sustaining

    feelings about sex: Broccoli - healthy, tasty, crunchy, delicious, wonder food

    attitude toward life: Maple - brilliant, shady, home, autumn, syrup, tall, strong, beautiful, familiar

    emotional attunement: Green - soothing, alive, calm, steady, living, healthy, fertile

    attitude toward the spiritual and the soul: Daffodil - yellow, bright, spring, life, hope, sunshine, happiness

    attitude toward marriage: bed, light, books, computer, food, soda, quiet, peace, solitude

    response to approaching death: scared, cold, alone, bored, anticipating, dreading, nervous, embarrassed

    Edit: I'm rereading this and thinking OH MY!
    “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”
    ~ John Rogers

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    Wild animal: I don't really have a favorite I chose any kind of small bird: soft, delicate, graceful, free, simplicity, fresh air
    Domestic animal: Cat: Independent, friendly, warm, self contained
    Tree: Maple: Beautiful, reminiscent of my ancestors and things I'd like to discover, produces a valuable product
    Flower: Poppy: grows wild, simple, sedative, brightly colored, lush
    Water: Ocean: Strong, all encompassing, powerful, eternal
    Color: White: Simple, clean, neutral
    Food: Eggplant parmesan, reminds me of my grandmother and family get-togethers, good memories
    Room decor: Line the walls with bookshelves, lay down a hardwood floor, bring in a desk, put in a glass skylight.
    Locked in White Room: Cold, bored, annoyed.

    If my attitude about my favorite food is related to my attitude about sex, I'm a bit disturbed, as my answer was "because it reminds me of my grandma and family get-togethers" That's more Freud than Jung. (To be fair though, I do like the comfortable and familiar, and I prefer to only be intimate with people I've known for a long time)

    And actually the room decor one could certainly be a metaphor for how I'd treat marriage; a serious, intellectual bond, based on quality and with a lot of freedom and natural light

    Also, I would feel "Cold, bored, and annoyed" upon approaching death "Dyyying, how bourgeois!"
    "There's no need to be embarrassed about it, Mr. Spock. It happens to the birds and the bees!"

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    Favorite Wild animal: Monkey

    They remind me of primitive, uninhibited human beings. They seem to have a certain freedom and confidence that we would do well relearn. They're also very considerate animals that help each other out. They have a natural sense of curiosity that seems special in the animal kingdom. I think they have the potential to help us learn about what lurks in the recesses of our psyche.

    Favorite Domestic Animal: Cat

    Without question, the cat. Cats are very curious, mysterious and independent creatures, but if you can win their affection, they can be very loving. I also like how they need their independence, but still have a spontaneous need for affection that crops up occasionally. They're just extremely pleasant creatures.

    Favorite Tree: Pine

    Well, I like pine trees because they seem symbolic of permanence and endurance. They stay green, and thrive in harsh, cold conditions. They also don't change with the seasons. They also have a lot of triangles in them, and the number three and triangles have a lot of symbolism associated with truth and other major concepts.

    Favorite body of water: Pond

    I like the intimacy and stillness of a pond. There's nothing deep or dark about it, you can immerse yourself in it without the fear of not being able to resurface. It's intimate and beautiful without being dangerous. It can also be very classy and cultured when man-made.

    Favorite Color: Blue

    I like blue because its a tranquil yet expansive color. It makes you think of the sky and ocean, the universe itself. It also has a scientific quality to it, the sense of objectivity and yet a sense of community and peace as well. A nice blend.

    Favorite Food: Chicken Sandwich

    The chicken sandwich. It seems to have a better consistency and sates the appetite more than the hamburger. It combines the diverse flavors and multiple components of a burger with the general quality and wholesomeness of chicken. It's a masterpiece.

    What would you do in a customizable white room?

    Lots and lots of research. I would bring tons of books and the Internet into such a room, so that I could infinitely research things and not get bored.

    What would you do sitting in a white room with nothing, naked?

    A little bit helpless and sad, but also very bored and lonely. As strange as it might sound, I would much rather be locked in this room with another person, even a stranger, than be alone. Yes, even though it means a stranger could see all my nakedness and criticize or make fun of it, that would be preferable (though sympathy, a hand to hold, possibly even an embrace would be best). Somehow, loneliness is the overriding emotion here, to the point that it drowns out my normal modesty. I only know that I could NOT stand to be alone in that room.

    Well, what do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaku View Post
    i laughed really hard at the first sentence, knowing what it's said to symbolize.
    after reading the whole paragraph i realized it's even more perfect than i'd initially thought it was.

    that is a loving relationship.

    maybe i'll have one some day?
    ah, well.
    Heh well you can probably tell from my other descriptions that I didn't know what they were supposed to mean until after I wrote the replies. So some seem like a stretch to fit, but this one really fits well exactly. And yes we do have a loving relationship. I am very lucky.
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    Wild Animal(See Ourselves)
    Koala Bears
    They're cute and cuddly. They're grey, something in between. Not black or white. They have big ears. They carry their young in a pouch. They have adorable noses. They can climb to high places.

    Domestic Animal
    (Looking For In Friends)
    They're cute, they're energetic, they want to be with you for no reason at all.

    Favorite Tree(Attitude Towards Life)

    They turn a multitude of gorgeous colors in the fall. They're strong, and can withstand external threats. They're very familiar to me and remind me of my childhood.

    Favorite Food(Feel about sex)

    It comes in different textures, sizes, and colors. It's good hard or soft, melted and gooey, or crumbled. You can serve it in a variety of different ways, and it still taste good somehow!

    Favorite Color(Emo Attunement)

    Black is everything and nothing. It absorbs the light.

    Favorite Flower(Spirituality, the Soul)

    I like the parachute ball of Dandelion. The ball reminds me of earth. I liked blowing the seeds as a kid, and when I find one, I still blow it. I like that it's soft and fluffy, and how you never know where they seeds have gone once they've blown away, but you know they're somewhere and eventually something will come of them.

    It's a large body of water that usually leads to something even bigger. But because it only leads to it, the river can be enjoyed for what it's worth without taking in much more. If you want, you can follow it to see where it goes, but you don't have to.

    In A White Room, Doing Whatever
    (Attitude Towards Marriage)
    I'd paint the walls, get some music going, and then I'd invite all the interesting people I knew to bring whatever they wanted to bring and have a party. The more the merrier. The louder the better.

    In A White Room, Naked(Tude Approching death)
    I'd feel pretty lonely. But I'd also feel sexy.

    This was so neat. Thanks!

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    1. What is your favorite wild animal? White Wolf
    Noble. Resourceful. Pathfinder. Pragmatic. Insight. Wisdom. Peace. Tranquility. Solitude. Intuition. Protection. Subconscious. Endurance. Perseverance. Spirit. Transformation. Light. Dark. Independence.

    2. What is your favorite domestic animal? Siberian Huskies
    Loyal. Trustworthy. Reliable. Dedication. Attentive. Friendly. Stubborn. Strength. Cooperation. Intelligent. Explorer. Clever. Swift. Tactical. Adaptable. Patient.

    3. What is your favorite tree? Redwood Tree
    Ancient. Majestic. Awe-inspiring. Time. Knowledge. Mystery. Life. Guardian. Mentor.

    4. What is your favorite flower? White Rose
    Integrity. Purity. Innocence. Honor. Soulful. Beauty. Restoration. Elegance.

    5. What is your favorite body of water? Lake
    Soothing. Healing. Reflection. Serenity. Refreshing. Clarity. Dreamy. Euphoric.

    6. What is your favorite color? Pink
    Playfulness. Childish curiosity. Exhilaration. Idealism. Imagination. Inspiration.

    7. What is your favorite food? Describe why. Soups
    Comforting. Warm. Nourishment. Supportive. Vitality.

    8. Describe what you would do in a white room, if you could do anything or bring anything into it you want.
    A virtual reality. Let's see how far our minds could take us.

    9. Describe how you would feel if you were locked in a white room with nothing in it but a simple wooden bench on which you were sitting naked, waiting.
    Vulnerable. Cold. Uncertain. Confused. Cautious. Investigative. Alert. Trapped. And thankfully, I'm alone!

    *Edit: Interesting test! Thanks.
    "I cannot expect even my own art to provide all of the answers -- only to hope it keeps asking the right questions." -- Grace Hartigan

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    Looking into the eyes of a [Ni user] is like peeking through a portal into a parallel universe.

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