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    What is your favorite wild animal? Other (don't know too many animals!)
    Habitat: Sea
    Jellyfish or eel, they can go to the bottom of the ocean that is unexplored. They can be at the surface of the sea. They live in the ocean which is vast and covers the surface of the earth.

    What is your favorite domestic animal? Dog
    Nothing really, I find dogs friendly but they're a lot of hassle to take care of. For less hassle but less friendly then I'd say cat. I need an animal with fur and that can be petted because they are close to humans.

    What is your favorite tree? Other
    I don't know much about trees. Maybe a Redwood because they look so strong and tall and they live for hundreds of years.

    What is your favorite flower? Orchids and proteas

    What is your favorite body of water? Oceans
    Water is cool but also intimidating. Water is powerful, destructive, and beautiful. It's a beautiful blue planet from outer space and that's because of the water. The ocean is scary and intimidating and powerful and overwhelming and vast and unexplored.

    What is your favorite color? Blue
    A very calming and relaxing color. I also like green.

    What is your favorite food? Describe why. Why? What other reasons do you have for choosing this?
    No clue. French fries are my favorite food. They're comforting and salty.

    Describe what you would do in a white room, if you could do anything or bring anything into it you want.
    throw paint all over it.
    Oh gawd, does this mean I'm going to destroy my marriage!

    Describe how you would feel if you were locked in a white room with nothing in it but a simple wooden bench on which you were sitting naked, waiting.
    i'd close my legs and huddle together. or i'd sit on the floor. it really depends on the temperature of the room and if I thought anyone could see me. I'd feel exposed.
    Relationships have normal ebbs and flows. They do not automatically get better and better when the participants learn more and more about each other. Instead, the participants have to work through the tensions of the relationship (the dialectic) while they learn and group themselves and a parties in a relationships. At times the relationships is very open and sharing. Other time, one or both parties to the relationship need their space, or have other concerns, and the relationship is less open. The theory posits that these cycles occur throughout the life of the relationship as the persons try to balance their needs for privacy and open relationship.
    Interpersonal Communication Theories and Concepts
    Social Penetration Theory 1
    Social Penetration Theory 2
    Social Penetration Theory 3

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    Favorite Wild Animal:
    Elephant - Very wise and gentle yet seem so intimidating on the outside due to their size.

    Favorite Domestic Animal:
    Dogs are loyal and playful animals. They'll stick by your side no matter what but they'll make sure you have fun the whole way through.

    Favorite Tree:
    Willow Tree - Not sure...I just like how the leaves droop down. It also makes it look like it's trying to 'hide' itself or something.

    Favorite Flower:
    Don't really pay attention to flowers...but I would choose Plumerias. Beautiful shades of color.

    Favorite Water:
    Pond - Still, quiet and gentle. (This is my attitude towards sex? )

    Favorite Color:
    Blue - It's just a nice color. My second choice would be green.

    Favorite Food:
    Any sort of pasta. It just tastes good.

    White Room:
    I would bring my ipod and a computer. I would basically just listen to music or amuse myself with pc games or the internet. Not sure I would do much with the walls like everyone else seems to be doing.

    Locked in White Room:
    I would just let my mind wander. Might get a little self conscious from the fact that I'm naked though.

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    I've taken this test before or similar ones but some of the questions were new (or I forgot what they were supposed to be lol)

    Thanks LadyPink, I was bored.

    Favorite Animal: Horse --> How I See Me

    It's powerful and intelligent and wild. It's a social animal and passionate. It's not a predator but can defend itself. It's strong and able. It's very useful. It's the archetype of freedom and passion and beauty.

    {editor's note: Very true about the 'not a predator' thing - I would like to be someone who is strong and someone to be reckoned with but not a bully, rather someone who is righteous and 'right' with the natural world and order of things. Definitely see myself as independent but very social}

    Favorite Domesticated Animal: Dog --> What I look for in friends

    Dogs are adorable and loyal and they are wo/man's best friend. They are intelligent and have personalities and unique souls. They feel things and feel things for you.

    {editor's note: ohmygawd I am a quintessential NF apparently i want to hug and squeeze my friends and have them lay on my chest licking my face and then teach them that sounds wrong}

    Favorite tree: Birch --> My Attitude towards Life

    it's beautiful and graceful and unique looking

    {editor's note: ummm...}

    Favorite Color: Fuschia/Bright Pink --> Emotional attunement

    It is the color of life, it's fun, it's feminine, it's classy, it's vibrant. It's not shy and is happy to be vibrant and bold.

    {editor's note: the idea of having bright fuschia emotional energy makes me happy }

    Favorite Food: Sekret --> How I Feel about S-E-X

    It's hot and spicy and sweet and filling and it's homey and reminds me of home. It's messy and simple and unpretentious and delicious, just like all good street food.

    {Editor's note: No, "sex" doesn't remind me of "home" literally you sick pervs - it means sex is a comfortable place for me, it's re/connecting with myself and some else in their 'home'/natural/comfortable/true state..actually...that all ^^ sounds real dirty}

    Body of Water: Ocean --> How I See Sexuality

    It's huge and roiling and active and alive. You can't tame it but it's not dangerous either. It's exciting and changeable, slightly dangerous but full of life.

    {editor's note: ^^ yes I contradicted myself there. Blame it on Victorian and Puritanical influence...or something...and yes I do see sexuality like the ocean - you can never tell what is under the surface and there is always something moving and going on}

    White Room Do Anything You Like --> Attitude Towards Marriage

    I would bring my laptop, a movie projector, movies, a sound system, music, books, a canvas and paint and brushes. I would surf the net, watch movies, listen to music, read, and paint and make art. And snacks, tasty snacks and drinks.

    {editor's note: this is cute, basically I like marriage and see it as a comfy place to settle in and have fun and make myself comforable and basically live. the analogy works}

    White Room Naked and Waiting --> How I Would Respond Awaiting Death

    I would feel peaceful then anxious. I would probably feel comfortable, it's a beautiful day outside and the sun is shining through the window basking the bench in light. I might be sleepy but have to wake myself up again thinking the person is coming to get me. If I had to wait too long I would start feeling a bit anxious but then probably just fall asleep. I think when the person came I would probably be embarassed because I was caught unprepared.

    {editor's note: yes i know creepy after the fact. i kinda thought this room analogy was the one for death. irl, i do not fear death, i would welcome it as a natural process and meaning it's my time to go. death is not scary, the process of death can be scary if it is filled with shock, trauma, or pain and you are conscious of it. life is much, much scarier than death.}
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    Favorite Wild Animal
    I think the owl would be it. Owls are subtle and generally not thought about, but seen as mysterious in their noctournal nature. Particularly the barn owl. Its mysterious, ghostly features give off an aura of mystery while still being jacketed in an earthiness.
    Bingo. I guess Ive always thought of myself as the mysterious, yet somewhat simple in a way, person. The person on the edge of thought and crowd and time. the one that hides in the shadow between the days.

    Domestic Animal
    Theyre loyal and always there when I need them. Many have a lot of positive energy which helps me immensly in down times. They arent too daunted by setbacks either. Low maintenance until their antics makes a mess. Then its either a distraction from menial tasks. Or fcking annoying when in the middle of something important.
    Loyal people who have interesting personalities. Seems like ENFPs and INFJs to me. I do have an ISFJ friend, but the different wavelengths of personality are offputting, even if I adore his loyalty and heart. I think all my friends fit the above description well, too. Wow, accurate.

    I enjoy willow trees because they arent so straightforward like other trees. Their branches end in long strands that veil them and turn them into a sort of haven. I could see myself camping under their branches without a tent, as if the tree itself was a living home. I guess the tree seems more poetic and romantic than other trees. The maple is too proud, and the Oak seems too stout and dominates its location.
    From this, I suppose I view life as something poetic and a living home. A unique thing while I have it. I am not the master of this domain and dont want to change it, but I do want to turn it into something of poetic beauty of some kind, reclusive or not. I would bring someone else into it, but not too many or it would be crowded.

    My favorite flower... I dont think often about flowers, but I think the tulip or apple blossoms are my favorite. They are gorgeous in abundance and provide a simple prettiness to the landscape or tree they are in. They arent complicated and barbed like a rose or over-mystic like a lotus, either.
    Makes sense, I like straightforward, simple, and pleasing flowers. Same for religion. Catholic and Lutheran churches seem too mired in tradition and aescetics to be interesting to me.

    Body of Water
    I would say it would be a lake with a few islands in it. I would pitch my lawn chair on the beach and listen to the waves- or calm music like jazz- and contemplate things. It is so relaxing and soothing for the mind. If I felt like it, I would take a canoe or kayak and go to one of the islands. A motorboat would kill the adventure of getting there under my own power.

    My attitude toward sexuality must be a semi-pasive, yet curious nature. I'm a virgin, so maybe the islands in the lake represent the actual act, and using my own power could mean not liking the simple ways to get it, like finding a hooker or something. The contemplation bit is probably the virgin-waiting. I can wait for the first time, but I want to make sure I'm ready and want it, and that the situation is right.

    That leads back to the way to get there. I want to be able to get there on my own power and the power of the lake. It would ruin the meaning if I could get it anytime.

    It is a utility color. It doesnt show off, but when used too much it is depressing. That makes it fun to use because it deepens the impressions made by other colors if used correctly. Black is also like space and the void between stars. The place between thoughts, and the veil which hides secrets that are revealed when light dispells it.

    I'm not quite sure how this is interpereted to emotional state. Maybe it is my darker, mysterious mood that when coupled with a different state of emotion makes the other emotion seem more resonant on deeper things rather than straight forward and reactive

    I wouldnt know but right now it is bread, butter, and cheese all in a simple stack. Its filling, but not overwhelming with taste. My favorite food could change to good burritos, though, since I enjoy spicey food, but it cant be complicated or exotic. I kind of like turkey gravey and potatoes. Filling, simple, and not overwhelming.

    Looks like my attitude toward sex is about simple satiation without a lot of experimenting. I think it makes a lot of sense, actually. I was always the 'vanilla' one.

    White Room
    I would bring a variety of things to spend my time with. Books, notebooks, a computer- if there were outlets in the room- and a musical instrument. Since the white room likely doesnt have outside responsibilities, I would focus on expressing myself in it. I may wonder what could be in other rooms, but this room is mine. It has my stuff.

    I guess I view marriage as the most intimate place of expression. I am not a person that can easily show my inner self to a lot of people so maybe I connect relationships with expression, one of my needs in life. This makes me search more longingly for someone to be intimate with, intimate emotionally, so that I can express myself truly.

    Naked on a Bench
    I dont have much idea. I would be uncomfortable, I suppose, since I would be naked. I would hope the bench was well made because I wouldnt want splinters. I guess if it wasnt I would hope I get a towel to sit on. I would stare blandly at the wall, thinking on things. I would be kind of bored.

    Makes sense, I just wait and try and fill my time until the string is cut by Atropos. No use in dwelling on it either, since I cant control it much

    All in all I found the test quite neat and accurate, describing things in a way that made more sense than the understanding I had. Now I feel profound and poetic, but its time for bed.
    'Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.' - Marilyn Monroe

    This is who I am, escapist, paradise-seeker.

    Anthropology Major out of Hamline University. St. Paul, Minnesota.

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    Favorite Animal: Snowy Owl - the solitude, changing with the seasons in terms of colour, the blending perfectly with a stark background... predators, but efficiently so, only doing it to survive. Primarily a night creature, or during twilight hours, strong in body with a dense core of muscle over which fluffy feathers and down reside. Keen eyesight in the dark, and made for the true cold and snow.

    Domestic Animal: Dogs are wonderful companions, bred and trained for the purpose (among others) over the years. I have three, love them so much, and will be devastated when the oldest dies. They have shown me what it means to truly care for someone who is dependent on you, and how responsibility comes with perks (i.e., love).

    Tree: Willow trees bend to the wind, never breaking, simply leaning into the force and letting it flow past them as time itself. Their branches can be used for whips (so awesome when I was a kid to play with) and they usually reside next to water, making them perfect nap and meditation locations.

    Flower: This didn't show up in my form, but I all ready know the answer: Stargazer Lilies and Sterling Roses. The former for its uncommon occurrence, beautifully sculpted form and "clean" scent; the latter because of its simple beauty, rarity, and how it has an amazing fragrance.

    Body of Water: Streams lead one through the mountains to the sea, to towns and ports and sources of life. They stem from glacier meltwater or original springs, indicating a purity of beginning. They are the most fun to hike up and often are the source of a waterfall, which I also love.

    Colour: Black may be the absence of actual colour, but without it I would not be able to appreciate light, which is important to me. I dislike bright, blinding light, so the moon is perfect illumination to me - nightscapes are just as beautiful to me as anything the Earth is capable of in the daylight hours. Black complements any colour, which is how I would like to be, and represents the darker portions of self, which is absolutely required for light to truly shine - the contrast that is necessary. I want to be a flame in the darkness, and this is needed to achieve that goal.

    Food: Depends on the meal and mood, but strawberries and dark chocolate are both very high on the list. Strawberries are tart and sweet, a lovely combination, and go with chocolate (70% cocoa or above, please) - and the dark substance itself is linked to pleasure, sensuality, and licking stuff off of someone's body. Oh, and pure simplicity. (Mental imagery.)

    White Room: I'd paint it cobalt blue on the walls, with bright white trim and hardwood floors. A huge white fireplace would dominate one wall, a bed the opposite one - one with four posts and those mosquito-netting curtains that give the feeling of privacy, of being your own world within a larger one, hidden from time.

    I'd have a huge bookcase built into another wall, with a ladder that rolls along it and reaches the ceiling because I wouldn't be able to get to all the books otherwise. A large, plush wingback chair with an ottoman in front would sit next to the fireplace, and at night the light would come from candles and the glow of the fireplace. The view from a large window (floor to ceiling, on the far wall opposite the bookcase) would be of snowy mountainscapes and at night the stars and moon would illuminate everything once the flames flickered their last...

    Naked on a Bench: Horrible. Clinical surroundings, no physical comfort of any kind, and prepped to knock out whoever came in first because I refuse to be caged like an animal. Get ready for pain, mothafucka'.


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    Favorite Animal

    deer - gentle, graceful, quick, agile, tender, protective, alert, connected to the forest / to nature, youthful, maternal..i think of a noble buck, a caring doe, and a bumbling fawn..deer have a serene appearance yet they are very aware with their antlers like antennae to the heavens..

    Domestic Animal

    cat - intelligent, nimble, capable of being both gentle and ferocious when they need to, funny, endearing, have integrity, provide a sense of equal companionship (rather than subordinate), strong personality, playful when young, tranquil when old. a nice mix of serious and fun traits!


    japanese maple - the leaves are beautiful; the way light passes through them, the shape, the colors..the tree seems very serene to me overall. it has a still, quiet beauty.


    white orchid

    Body of Water

    ocean - vastness. tides, calmness. depth. a sense of timelessness and life.


    teal/blue-green (phthalocyanine green!)- a medium between thought (cool tones) and feeling (warm tones). the color of water.


    vanilla ice cream. soothing, sweet, cool and relaxing!

    White Room

    i would paint the walls with a big, bold, floor to ceiling mural. i would definitely bring mood lighting!

    Naked on a Bench

    i would be curious as to why i was there. i would probably consider both positive and negative reasons why i might be, and of course some reasons that would be essentially good nor bad... i would look at the walls and imagine possible color, decoration, furnishing, lighting.. i wouldn't mind being naked, as long as it wasn't too cold! i just hope the bench is long enough for me to lie down on so i can look at the ceiling and let my imagination run wild...

    wow. all i have to say is that the whole vanilla ice cream thing is not entirely what it seems! otherwise this was very interesting, and true by and large

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    Favorite wild animal: Grey wolf - proud and fearless. Lives in a pack without unnecessarily confronting social hierarchy, but able to live and fight alone, though it's not the strongest animal in the neighborhood.

    Favorite domestic animal: Chaffinch - quick, small and cute. Bursts through the sky without worries.

    Favorite water: Ocean - deep and endless, fearsome yet peaceful.

    Favorite food: Fondue - uh, I totally love it Hot, creamy... can't get enough of it.

    Favorite Tree: Makassar Ebony - strong and rare. High quality wood.

    Favorite Color: Red and black - mysterious and passionate, it burns with a quiet flame.

    Flower: Iris - the vision of hope. Beautiful and cunning, yet tender and innocent.

    White Room 1 - I'd escape immediately to the outside. I couldn't stand it (a computer with online connection could help though).

    White Room 2 - I'd try to escape, then become anxious + frightened and search for a hidden enemy. I'd try to divert my attention with a book, without much effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    Favorite Food:
    My wife's chicken pot pie is the best. It has all the different kinds of food in it blended together in a delicious way. She has also discovered just the right spices and way to cook the crust to make it just perfect. Also the food is better because I know that she made it just for me from her love for me.
    i laughed really hard at the first sentence, knowing what it's said to symbolize.
    after reading the whole paragraph i realized it's even more perfect than i'd initially thought it was.

    that is a loving relationship.

    maybe i'll have one some day?
    ah, well.
    So you were born, and that is a good day.
    And someday you'll die and what a shame.
    But somewhere in the between, theres a life in which we all dream,
    And nothing and no one will ever take that away.

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    favorite wild animal: monkey
    they're like us and imitate us closer then any other animal in existence, also you can learn alot about human behavior by observing monkey behavior, i believe it be how we would act if we did not ahve social constraints in society. But I also admire the elephant as well since they seem to be intelligent as well, but I have to choose the monkey over that in the end since I have a chance of understanding the monkey's psyche in the future.

    favorite domestic animal cat:
    Independent stubborn can't train easily but can be affectionate plus, they don't depend on you as much as dogs.

    favorite tree:willow
    I don't know don't really have a favorite tree but this would be the closest with the drooping branches, also my favorite character in buffy, whom i relate to quite well, her and anya anyways, but at the end of the day it's still just a tree a place to get some shade or chop up for fire wood or lumber

    favorite body of water:ocean

    Love the smell always feel more at home in the ocean then anywhere else, though the mountains are a close 2nd also so much we haven't discovered in the ocean I could explore the ocean my whole life and still see only a tenth of the creatures in it, which means the newness will never end.

    favorite color:violet

    it's calming and not too in your face like the brighter colors i don't feel any real connections to colors

    favorite food:cheese

    Cheese it's good it's milk when it reaches nirvana in my mind

    in a white room:
    CLose my eyes and then get bored look at the walls see colors appear begin to get a head ache and feel like I'm going insane

    in a white room naked with a bench:
    Embarrassed if other people were looking if not then probably the same if I was clothed unless I was cold then I'd be cold

    ok so i read the thing but i don't get how this reflects my attitude on those things
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Wow, this is accurate. O.o

    Tiger: They're beautiful, rare, elusive, cute, unique, playful, intelligent, aloof, deep, forethought, strong, fast, and they can swim.
    I guess that's how I'd describe myself, if you took out the general silliness/klutziness. I don't think that is what is transmitted to other people, though.

    Dog: Loyalty, friendliness, smiling, playfulness, cuddliness, furriness, lovableness, intuitive.
    Other than the furriness, this describes it on the dot. XD

    Oak: They're beautiful, classic, timeless

    Flower: CACTUS! Easier to take care of than other plants. I'm not able to kill it. XD I adore my cactus.
    I have a pet cactus. :3

    Ocean: Summer waves, vigilance with the waves, predicting course with the waves, being knowledgeable about the waves and sealife, knowing how to handle the waves, inspirational setting
    Applies because I like finding ways to improve.

    Purple: Beautiful/pretty/stylish/interesting.
    Don't see what this has to do with my emotions...

    Food: Mexican food. Tastes good. What I've always had. Eat it obsessively until I get full. XD
    Yep... XD

    Room: Color the walls/decorate the room so it isn't so boring! Maybe turn it into a place for someone to live or play in.
    Describes my view towards marriage exactly. "OOHHHH let's do this to make it better!!!!!!" I'm not married, yet, though.

    Death room: Trapped, bored, awkward, out of place. Anxious, because I wouldn't know what I would be waiting for. I'd lose myself in my thoughts.
    Everybody needs love.

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