ratso, i think what you said was very intelligent.

i also think it pertinent to mention that Fe is an extroverted process that is closer to the final like JUDGE of the case. it decides what to do, and very tentatively and cautiously, has the final say of articulation- well after introverted intuition has discerned the truth, big picture, etc.

whereas Fi organizes the interpretation of the information internally, then from there proceeds to understand or intuit the possibilities for action within that framework. it kind of keeps a lot of possibilities open, keeps gathering information, and slowly latches on to the right one after all of the other responses have been weaned out and eliminated by subtle probing.

different processes, Fe (NiFe) to me seems more of a way of articulating ideas with gentleness and compassion, Fi (FiNe) seems more a way of deeply feeling and organizing and processing emotional experiences internally, then considering how to use that experience to help/heal others.