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Thread: What? Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by disregard View Post

    Yeah. But look on the bright side. It's probably just because they're busy and haven't thought about you.

    Ego aside, it's not a huge deal. How often you're thought about doesn't necessarily equal your value.
    It doesn't?

    I wish I had the benefit of receiving reassurance in that regard from some people.
    My cold, snide, intellectual life is just a veneer, behind which lies the plywood of loneliness.

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    Reassurance is overrated. It can sometimes come from those talented at it and mean very little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimahn View Post
    It doesn't?

    I wish I had the benefit of receiving reassurance in that regard from some people.
    I'm with Aimahn on this one...but I wish I was more like Disregard....I am always sucked into peoples lies and then my feelings get hurt when I find out the truth.

    I think I am growing more cynical and bitter by the day.
    "bad things happen when people touch me!!"

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