Hello everyone! In this interview, I got a chance to talk to INFJ YouTuber Frank James on what it's like to be an INFJ Ni-Fe BS/C(P) FF. We started the interview talking about Frank being a walking contradiction being tribe above self because he has Ni+Fe first but having play last (not wanting to expend energy for the tribe). He talked about wanting to serve the tribe but from a distance. We then got in the conversation if work is personal for him and socializing is impersonal which confirmed the Ti and Fe axis. Not long after, we got sucked in the "things" conversation since we're both single observers (lead Ni and lead Ne). We could have talked forever but we needed to wrap it up before we get too carried away.

Blast (B) = Ni+Fe
Sleep (S) = Ni+Ti
Consume (C) = Ti+Se
Play (P) = Fe+Se
FF = Masculine Ni, Feminine Fe, Masculine Ti, Feminine Se, Tester and Visual mode of learning).

Watch the interview here: