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Amargith, it's funny that you bring this up because I often give other women sexual vibes without even realising that I am doing it.. Maybe it's because I can appreciate and be enthusiastic about their sex appeal, looks etc without feeling threatened by them. I often find that people (both men and women) think I am flirting with them when I really am not.. I never use sexual banter really so maybe it's just the way I look at them or something.. sometimes I feel edgy about it because I don't want to get into difficult situations!

Well, I've never been mistaken for hitting on another woman (except for this one time, when it was intentional, but that's a different story *grin*)

However, with other women who like to be a bit of a flirt, we can have a blast as well ganging up on the guys . I've had the other effect all too often though: being able to laugh and flirt with guys often gets you harsh remarks and backstabbing from other women, and a rep for being a slut (even if you are in a steady relationship and they know you are faithful).

I do admit that I love playing around with insinuations and sexual banter but I do it with a big smile on my face, so they always know I'm joking around. But it's not a requirement, just like with you, to leave that impression, I've noticed