Last night as I was lying awake in bed, I had a feeling of sadness as I thought about the lack of symmetry between causes and effects of things that I regard as negative. To put it simply, stupid little things too often cause big problems. I would feel better if important, dramatic problems had important, dramatic causes. It seems rather pathetic to me when there are important, dramatic problems that have very stupid and random causes.

Does anybody else ever share this feeling of sadness? Do you ever think to yourself that you would feel better about problems if they actually had more meaningful causes?

So often, the causes of serious problems get down to carelessness, lack of thought, bad information, brain farts ... This is the stuff of a Woody Allen movie, not "the hero's (or heroine's) mythic quest".

Do you ever wish that the pageant of life unfolded in a more satisfying way in terms of storylines?