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Thread: INFJ shadow

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    I have two close friend ESTPs, a male and a female, and they both just act to chill out the heavy N vibe in the group of friends.

    They're super chill and down to earth; they make me happy!

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    My best friend is an ESTP. And I think they are drawn to us, a little bit; they're impulsive, nagging, controlling, whiny little bitches. But oh, their imagination, their humor, the way they can make you laugh...! I actually have grown to like flaws as well~ He brings out the best of me and balances me out. And he sticks with me like few others do <3

    But, if we begin to talk about my ESTP side, it's not pretty. I get irritable, analytical to the point where things and people don't seem fun anymore...impulsiveness is huge too, and it becomes really hard to do what I need to do.
    I don't like my ESTP side. I'll leave the ESTPness to the actually ESTPs. It looks good on them.

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    when i can like an estp, i don't hate myself for contradictions and don't hold myself and everyone else to absurd standards that have to do with seeing everything thru one very specific and often unproductive lens.

    i also believe wholeheartedly that being able to get the best out of everyone shows you are becoming wiser and craftier than your adolescent angsty-ness. which i have trouble letting go of... (idealism and the perfect like transcendental Idea you refuse to give up on...)

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