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    Not everything I have to do has to necessarily have practical value- at least that is my rationalization.
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    Quote Originally Posted by niki View Post
    ...but then why there're still soo many of us NFPs who still doing it?
    Probably the same reason STJs refuse to pamper themselves or put much emphasis on emotional introspection.. its just not our strengths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niki View Post
    (btw i've posted this also in MBTI, Ennegram sub-forum. but since the amount of replies is still very little, i've thought perhaps by posting here it would generate more interests & replies from people here. well you can answer in either sub-forum, though, just wherever you are in. i hope the Mods here is okay with this)
    It's because it's Sunday morning/noon. I'm going to merge this with the other thread. You can bump it tomorrow and I'm sure you'll get a better response. But I will not I repeat will NOT tolerate duplicate posts. I will not tolerate duplicate posts.

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    At a subconscious level I think it might be something to do with knowing that life (since it's finite) might be better spent not working. Think about it - why risk a perfectly good idea on paper by trying to make it happen when there's a big chance you might fail??

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    Have a look at the NP impact factor historically though. We are not the most common type either but history without us is almost unthinkable.

    John Lennon
    Albert Einstein
    Nikola Tesla
    Thomas Eddison
    William Shakespeare
    Leonardo Di Vinci
    Sir Issac Newton
    Richard Feinman

    These days a lot of NPs get misdiagnosed with ADHD and drugged up to be normals. Which sucks.

    On the topic of not doing anything with it as an INFP. I'd say you do lots with it. You don't have a trophy on your shelf to show for it, but these ideas shape you and hence those around you. They filter out into society and have an impact. NFPs change the course of a lot without even realising it.
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