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    If my Ni gives me strong feelings about something, it is very accurate and rarely fails me. You can never be sure about anything, though, so I never put my COMPLETE trust in Ni. I always need to remind myself to stay one step away from utter belief, no matter how sure I feel. You can never be 100% positive. The best you can do is 99.9%.

    i wouldnt even say it is usually "right", outside of subjective truths and self-fulfilling prophecy
    I guess that statement holds true when Ni is your tertiary function. In the case of INxJ's, though, it's almost always right when we feel pretty sure of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    Re title: No.

    "Is it usually RIGHT?" Disturbingly, yes.
    There's nothing disturbing about it at all. Merely spotting patterns. The rest is inertia... things tends to keep on going in one direction once started.

    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    "The distinguishing thing about Ni isn't that it's right or wrong. It's a way of perceiving. The confidence INTJs or INFJs get is from their preferred method of extraverting judgment."

    Pay attention, folks.
    What'll happen will still happen whether we feel confident in the outcome or not. What I'll really like to see is Ni isolated without extraverted judgment, would that still work. Too bad is not really possible... Hmmm would tertiary in ISXPs show something?

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